Lions in Kenya


yeah, anyone notice that "tillman" guy. what an ass. but what an ass.

(that would be like, the second time i've cursed in front of you guys. crazy. but it's not like i'm IMing you or anything like that. it's just like my journal, where i curse often. so there. *sticks tongue out*)

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CD Release Party

Slushie "Cause For Concern" CD Release Party
Friday, August 6th, 2004 @ The Coffee Bean in Dobson, NC.
Doors @ 9PM, show at 9:30. Admission is $3/person.
Free poster with each CD purchase at this show.

This is the first place that the CDs will be available.

- Tillman
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Yep. So I made this cool community thing. For Slushie and stuff. Because Slushie is great. And I'd have to say I'm pretty cool, because I made this, and I listen to them like, on a daily basis. So definitely. This is pretty cool.
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