**~~*Briana*~~** (crazycheshire) wrote in __singonpaper,

Like Art Can Save Me

Name: Briana

Age: 15

Experience: I've never won anything for my poetry but I have won for my plays

Music: MCR, Just Surrender, A Beautiful Silence, Tori Amos, Eminem

Favorite Poem: I love Poe and Shakespeare. I like some contemporary poets as well.

Example of Work:

Untitled Canvas
Sugar cubes died on the ignorant streets
Empty shells paraded onward
Hollow words escaping traitor's lips
Barely rose above the furious wind
Shadows covered the endless light
As eyes cast forth evil glares
Shells traded elaborate masks
Created by their once untainted souls
Then their timespan bolted
And their souls soon transformed
Only to hollow into the shells they had become
Foxes whispered it was to avoid bullets
Bullets that shatter everything
Many shells travel with chipped shoulders and shoes
No hearts dared to pulse
Crimson desires long gone from their interior
As poison dripped tongues destroy anything at whim
Dark Insanity made its crafty business
Throwing unique whispers, demons, and inspirations
Hoping to entangle them
In a web of inferiorness
Long in the midnight have we shells danced
Who will bring back our passion?

5 Words Describing Yourself: Kinky, unique, dark, loner, and peppy

Link Where You Promoted: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_0promotewhore0/956628.html
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