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Like Art can save me

Age:16(17 next month)
Experience: (put if you've won contests, published poetry here) I have been published and yes i have won awards.
Music: (put your favorite artists here) Tupac, Natasha Bedingfield, Nora Jones, bob dylan, the doors, Joss Stone.
Favorite Poem: (put a poem you like, but didn't write here. specify who wrote it.) I love anything by Charles Bukowski! please dont make me choose!
Example of Work: (put a poem you wrote yourself here.)


Slammed against the wall
Pulled out hair and tight squeeze
I said it only once
But the point is I said it
And in that instant
I became the wall
Frozen and cold
A spectator, not a victim
A mural of memories
Back into the victim
A forceful squeeze on my arm
Too tight to squirm
Force to my veins
Made me numb
And within that moment
I became the bruise
A spectator on the victim
A temporary tattoo of a memory
A part time impression
Back into the victim
Cold and exposed
Touched or tainted
Depends on your interpretation
And in that instant
I became the cold breeze
A stinging spectator
A momentary chill
Flowing wherever permitted
Back into the victim
Talk back, scream out
A fist into the mouth
Aching and numb
All at the same time
And at that moment
I became the blood
Warm and thick
Metallic flavored, melted pride
Splatter to stain
On tarnished tile
Back into the victim
Used and left to fade away
On the icy tile
Cold, bloody and absent-minded
And within that instant
I became the victim
Trapped in denial
Convinced I was anywhere but
where I am

5 Words Describing Yourself: I am a writer, bitch.
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