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"like art could save me"

Name: Teneil
Age: 13
Experience: (put if you've won contests, published poetry here)None
Music: (put your favorite artists here) My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Spill Canvas, Straylight Run
Favorite Poem: (put a poem you like, but didn't write here. specify who wrote it.)
Chocolate kisses
Candy hearts
Summer love,
Doomed from the start
The way I feel
He’ll never know
Because ill never let it show
True love will show itself in time
Maybe then I’ll call you mine
-Sabrina Cuglari
Example of Work: (put a poem you wrote yourself here.)
Another day left waiting,
Another heart stopping to a slow beat,
Another penatrating glare you send my way,
Your words piercing my flesh,
Why does hello feel like goodbye?
Left with a heart torn and frail,
My soul forever broken,
Only left with the ashes of a burning heart,
A glance at the mirror but only seeing half of myself,
Leaving me to pick up the pieces,
It blinds my eyes to see you,
It bleeds my hands to touch your face,
It stops my breath to breathe in your scent,
Your like a curse disguised as a blessing,
Causing me to come back for more...

Until the day I die, spill my heart for you.

She reread that line over and over again as if it was new to her. Would she die for him like she said she would? Would I give everything for him? I would, I would do anything for him, she says as she tried to convince herself. He's my everything, my heart my soul, she continues, not believing a single word coming out of her mouth...
5 Words Describing Yourself: dance forget romance tissue hate
Link Where You Promoted: (link to a community where you promoted here)
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