crime scene investigation of an im window.

i remember when
first met her.
you do you do
i made you guys
meet each other.
did i, did i, did
i, i did. ever
tell you how much
i hate you
for that.
indirect result
of my pain and suffering
just crucify me
it would taste like candy.
y me
put me to rest.
cheeky snide
and unrealistic, fairytale-like
explanations for life
over here, life different
then delaware.
caused this.


Billy's Rain

When I'm lying awake, listening to rain
hammering on the roof,
the phrase comes back to me,
our code for 'Let's get out of here'.
We were huddled in the back of a van
with the lights, the videotape equipment
and the man with the rain machine.
'Why can't we use the regular rain?' you asked,
as rain hammered on the roof.
'That's God's rain', said someone.
'It doesn't show up on film.
We need Billy's rain for this one'.
When I find myself soaked to the skin, tired,
or merely bored with God's rain,
the phrase comes back to me.
I'd say it now if I thought you were listening.
  -Hugo Williams

Poem found here.

like art could save me

Name: Teraesa
Age: 18
Experience:(put if you've won contests, published poetry here) no, can't say i have
Music: (put your favorite artists here) right now i'm really into coldplay...have been for a while. i'm also getting into indie rock, i.e. the shins, remy zero, zero 7, kings of leon, frou frou...etc.
Favorite Poem: (put a poem you like, but didn't write here. specify who wrote it.)
this is tough...i have too many. but i'll have to go with "Much Madness is Divinest Sense", by Emily Dickinson:

Much madness is divinest sense-
To a discerning eye-
Much sense-the starkest madness-
'Tis the majority
In this, as all, prevail-
Assent-and you are sane-
Demur-you're straightway dangerous-
And handled with a chain-

Example of Work: (put a poem you wrote yourself here.)

*Carbon Copy*

Break me loose
From these binds that hold me.
With the acid
That drips from your tongue
You burn me from the inside
Till my screams pull the blood
From your ears
And my nails leave their mark
Down your back.
You force me into the infinite abyss
of your arms,
and your darkness swallows me
as my voice is strangled
By your stifling oppression.
Your thoughts infiltrate my mind
Stealing my individuality,
Till I'm nothing but your carbon copy,
Discarded on your desk as you search
For your next victim,
assimilation inevitable.

5 Words Describing Yourself: confused, hopeful, lost, cautious, scared