Hmmm... i would post this in my journal but i dont want to so i will post it here... hmmmm... i need some clarification on this thought so i turn to you.. Is it wrong to want to be with 2 men at once and (here's the catch) want those 2 men to be TOGETHER???

Shar: *smacks self in head* DAMNIT WOMAN!!! Just spit it out.

Nic: I would if I could but damnit my mind has been working on sick sad views of relationships

Xio: Well duh??

Shar: What she is trying to say is that she wants to be with 2 guys that are will to fuck her and fuck each other while she watch

Nic: *head hits keyboard* Damn do you have to be so damn VULGAR???

Xio: Nic.. we are talking about Shar here???

Nic: Anyways... is that normal?? Frankly i think its twisted but i kind of like the thought of it...especially if the guys are cute??
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An Update.

I am working on promoting and making this a 'Friends Only' kind of community. I feel that most of the stuff that could possibly be posted in here, you would feel more comfortable if it were just the community looking at. Does that make any sense? Anyways, so yeah, I'm working on that and I havn't talked to Livi about this but I'm pretty sure that if you were a new member or a previous member we need you to fill out the 'Getting to know you.' thingy. So that next week we can all get together, hold hands, and sing koom-ba-yah (sp?)
That was a joke.
Okay, anyways.....comments and let me know if you would rather this be a friends only commmunity or if it's fine as it is.
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