Sorry guys, I've just started my fall semester and I'm doing 16.50 hours. I barely have time enough to play tennis and the like. So I hope ya'll will keep in touch. I hope you'll add me. I had fun, and I hope everyone has a great school year.



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Sorry to rejoin, I dont know how many of you still read this.. But I was wondering what happened and why it closed, I was a part of the community but as you can tell i wasnt very active or id know what happened. Sorry.

Btw, who made the layout? i really like it and i was wondering if someone could make me one? <33

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this whole situation is so fucked up.

you guys are the ones who did this. people tried to take over my community which is why im closing it. i started this community and put a shit load of work, time, and effort into it. and then im gone for a week which was outta my control, and people are trying to take over my community. thats so fucked up. did you take the time to make the community? NO. did you take the time to work out all the different systems? NO. did you make all the userinfo banners? NO. did you have to screen entries and people and applications? NO. theres so much shit that goes along with moderating the community. its not just stamping people and shit.

so go ahead and open copy cat communities just like this one. whatever. i will not be a part of anyone. so thanks for taking my community and fucking it up.

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Omg. You have to be like, kidding me, right?!! I was just about to leave all my communities EXCEPT this one! This is so sad and wow. I'm just shocked. I'm kind of offended that Lisa was mad that co mods were being appointed. It was only for a temporary time and it was to help out so people didn't freak out. They'd step down from their position once she got back, but hey, that doesn't matter anymore I guess. I still love Lisa and I guess this is what she's gotta do because I mean she's what, 18? She's going to be out in the real world soon and maybe she needs to focus on a lot of things. If ANYONE wants to add me, PLEASE do! I love each and every one of you, even if we've had some disagreements in the past, it doesn't matter. This was the best community ever, so PLEASE ADD ME LADIES! (and dude.. if hes still here?)


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I'm so chocked to hear that this community is going to be deleted. This was the best rating community Ive ever been a member of (actually the only rating community I've had fun in) Its a shame because I was so proud of how active it was and how sweet all you members are.

I guess there's not that much I can do about it though...Anyone who wants to keep in touch please add me.

Love you all!!