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application stuffs.. yay

Uh .. well .. I'm new so..HELLOOOO! and... uh.. here's my application-thingie-wingie *lol*

Name: Stefanie aka Steffö
Age: 17
Birthday: Oct 24th, 87 (yay SCORPIO-power! *lol*)
Fav bands: Green Day, Rancid, Simple Plan, Lostprophets, Blink 182, Donots, Yellowcard, Linkin Park, ... the list goes on for ever
fav member: David .. if there's any
Fav color: black/blue/silver
Fav song: as for SP.. Me Against The World, Shut Up and Meet You There would have to be my fave songs.. other than that I really love Good Riddance and Deadbeat Holiday by Green Day and State Of Fear by Useless ID at the mo
fav movie: don't have any.. although I have to admit that I like Cruel Intentions a lot
anything else youd like to share: Don't kill me cuz I'm german, don't kill me cuz I'm weird, don't kill me for my randomness... DON'T KILL ME AAAAAAAAAAH! *runs away*
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