July 18th, 2005

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Hey Im new here. Im danielle and im 18 years old! IM from marquette Michigan. And i love simple plan. Just like everyone else. I remeber a few years a go. My mother got tickets to see Sugar ray. (it was a big deal for us in marquette, we dont get famous bands.. like once a year if that) And Simple PLan was there opening acted. And They werent famous at all. But i rembered they rockked. And, after the show, they came out into the crowd and signed autographs. My sister got an autograph, but i didnt :( But it was awesome!!! But i love simple plan!!

P.s~ did everyone know, this wensday at 8pm Simple PLan is playing at a Hard rock cafe? and its gonna be on mtv??
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    simple plan~ me agiasnt the world