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As Vinni already proclaimed, this is the new Sign Mafia community. It is for sign mafia members, or people who are wishing to join/want to know about what we do. We'll post pictures, stories, hit announcements in here. Lets just hope it keeps up with us.

For now, we have one hit announcement, and one other announcement.

//Hit Announcement//
What: The Big Area Hit.
When: Friday night, starting around midnight.
Contact: Vincenzo, Vinni, Stick or Transgendo

And for some other announcements, we'll be doing a hit in Missouri next week, not sure where exactly. But Stick and I are going to go down to Maryville, most likely meet up with Camilla down there. Yay. And maybe Ben will get a hit in down in Florida. I promise you, by next year, we will be famous.

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