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What's up my brothas. How is everybody doing? Haven't hung with you guys in a long time, we need to go to Perkins sometime and get breakfast at 3am. Maybe do a hit or two before the winter is up. Anyway, we need to hang more. Talk to ya laterz.

-Vinni the Driver

Just wondering...

I was looking at the sign mafia info today, and I'm just wondering, who the fuck are some of you?

anarchygirl2007, ilovejohnf, reflectively - I'd like to know who the hell you guys are, because I sure as hell don't know.
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my props to each and every one of you. that wasn't a small or easy job and we couldn't've dome it without every one of you. now we can leave our mark, we can start doing more of those, and we can start spending more quality mafia time together. i miss those days, and i know that im not the only one. anywho, check your emails from stuff (i.e. pics)from byrd and me. i got some from arek. cool story behind his pics too.
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so the weekend before thanksgiving byrd is coming up to see us. the weekend before im going down to see him. we had planned a hit on a billboard a long time ago and have decided that it is time for that dream to become a reality. we'll talk about it tonight, but its going to take all of us and then some. M-Unit is da bomb diggidy yo gizzle.

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I miss you guys, I miss the fun we used to have. I know some of our members have had one to many run-ins with the law and that's ok, they don't have to take part. I want to go back to the good ole sign mafia days though, we haven't done a hit in... fucking forever. We need to contact the Godfather, we need to get Luigi up here and we need to do one, if possible I'd like it just to be the standard crew because they are the ones I really miss, Transgendo, Luigi, Vancenzo, The Godfather, and me, Vinni doing the driving. Come on guys, I miss the guys nights out, driving all over Story County, looking for asylums at 1 in the morning, god, good times.
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fellow members of the mafia...
i am hoping to come to ames the weekend before my birthday (april 24 would be that saturday), and was wondering if a hit might be set up? i would really like to do one!
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As Vinni already proclaimed, this is the new Sign Mafia community. It is for sign mafia members, or people who are wishing to join/want to know about what we do. We'll post pictures, stories, hit announcements in here. Lets just hope it keeps up with us.

For now, we have one hit announcement, and one other announcement.

//Hit Announcement//
What: The Big Area Hit.
When: Friday night, starting around midnight.
Contact: Vincenzo, Vinni, Stick or Transgendo

And for some other announcements, we'll be doing a hit in Missouri next week, not sure where exactly. But Stick and I are going to go down to Maryville, most likely meet up with Camilla down there. Yay. And maybe Ben will get a hit in down in Florida. I promise you, by next year, we will be famous.

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