Mary (enchantedroses) wrote in __shoe__gal__,

Resource List

My resources are credited to the following people and places.
Thanks to everyone on this list for providing such fantastic and inspiring resources!
If I happen to have missed you, please let me know asap and I'll add you :) Stakes & Stones
Eva Longoria Web The
Sex & The City Web Gallery
High Anxiety - Dawson's Creek Screencaps
Depp! Gallery
Screencap Paradise Carton
Dedicated to Daniel Charismatic: Zefron

ingenu0us neke foto_decadent
dj43 theatresphynx my_wonderful
pirateexchange _synergy rough_draft
honerbright colortone eyes__x__rot auto
nardasarmy colorfilter myrasis sheld0n
soporifical jeweledicecream wednesday_icons
natangel artlessbaba contradictz _hakanaidreams
fluffy_monster leftofmyheart meleada so_ducky
artphilia _blisse alapsuscalami ladybanteerin
luthen_black happyconfusion7 denrito nardasarmy
forbiddenstorm unobstructed minusthewalrus
ashke_icons 77words depressionsgurl emptee_inside
wash_when_dry scarletspy iroca _hakanaidreams
eowyn inxsomniax ohfreckle ewanism
my_givenchy immodica nastia_icons modelcouture
edelevodkaandirony xxkitty_katexx
hexicons sir asya_17
ronia_birk newsie__nympho dj_capslock
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