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Shared Icons

Sharing Is Caring

We share...because we care
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All Members , Moderated

Our side community: sharedxicons
Sister communities: _iconsharing.

About __sharedicons
Everyone who joins this community is able to post icons they have picked up along the way. Feel free to post anytime.

None of the icons here were made by the LJ users who posted them (unless stated otherwise). Please do leave some comments if you like what others posted or if you take any. LJ users who have joined this community have joined to share icons that they may have come across. Hence, the name.

PLEASE READ!: This is not the type of community where you post your icons and demand credit. All entires are moderated; if you absolutely demand your icons to be credited and demand for people to comment which ones they took, then this is not the community for you & your request to post will be denied!! I seemingly cannot express this enough.

Quick Rules:
- Respect all members & mods!
- Please post at least 10 icons with every entry
- When posting, you are allowed a teaser of 3 icons, but the rest must be behind an lj-cut.
- No promoting here!
- For a full detailed list of rules, see the corresponding sharedxicons thread.

Dear Makers,
If you see your icons in this community and would like credit for them, please do not absolutely freak out. Comment nicely and ask for it to either be credited, or taken down. Don't start swearing and/or freaking out, we'll ban drama-causers.

We are now holding THEME WEEK regularly. You are not required to only post theme related icons, but the theme is the main focus. You can still post to older themes, too. So don't feel bad if you missed last week's theme and you have some icons for it.



Quick Links:
Theme Suggestions
Memories (Icon Collection)
Photobucket (Uploading Images)
Complete list of rules.
Promote other communities.
Promote for __Sharedicons.
Mod. Applications
How to use an lj-cut.
How to post icons.