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Shared Icons
Sharing Is Caring
30th-Apr-2008 08:27 pm - Mod
Love - love
ok i just wanted to give everyone a heads up so they know whats going on. im a new mod here. i figured i could spend some of my free time(which i have WAY to much of lately) cleaning up the community. spring cleaning if u will. im going to delete entries where the icons are no longer being displayed. ideally i would like to clean up the members list. i was checking and it seems there are TONS of members who havent used their journals in months. so this is what i would like to do. if you actively check this community and would like to remain a member POST HERE. leave a comment. i dont care what it says just as long as i know u want to stay. i am going to take comments for a week. from there i will make a list of everyone that has replied. i will then remove ALL members and send out invites to the ones that replied. ready go!

18th-Mar-2007 08:09 pm(no subject)
Okay, I am reposting these icons (and added other ones) because my LJ cut totally didn't work. Really sorry about that btw. Here they are again: Edit: Feel free to take anything, but please make sure to CREDIT. thank you! 

ER Animated and Non-animated (26 animated)

50 icons under the cutCollapse )
26th-Feb-2007 08:13 pm - Themes Post: Dawson's Creek
Animated Webgoddess Care Bears
This is a post of one of my favorite TV shows, Dawson's Creek. Some are by me and some are by icontastic17. icontastic17 doesn't require credit, but she would appreciate you commenting here on the ones you take. I have told her I was posting some here, so she knows they are posted here.


  • No Hot linking
  • Creditwebgoddess, please

  • I prefer comments over credit.

  • DON'T ever claim these as your own work

  • Textless icons are NOT bases.

More Icons Behind Cut. 54 Icons total.Collapse )
28th-Nov-2005 05:54 pm - OMGZ I'M NOT LURKING lol
ew no.

1 remade icon :D

w00ters!Collapse )
2nd-Nov-2005 04:34 pm(no subject)
evil needs candy
Does anybody have any baby winnie the pooh icons? Or any baby looney toons icons or baby disney icons?

Also, I am looking for fast food icons. Ya know, the kind with McDonald's or Pizza Hut or Taco Bell or Burger King, the like. Thanks, very much appreciated.
18th-Aug-2005 09:28 pm - Candybar doll icons
stock - black dress and converses
Made some of these and were posted on my icon journal, but I decided to post them all here. (And its a whole bunch of them, so a little warning to 56Kers.) Comments make me happy.. don't credit. NO HOTLINKING. All of them were taken from here.

The lovelies insideCollapse )
17th-Aug-2005 12:22 pm - PUBLIC ENTRY.
lemon_drop61803 @ _amazingicons
Alright. Listen Up.

I've noticed that some people have accounts JUST for communities & stuff. I WONT ACCEPT YOU INTO THE COMMUNITY IF YOU JOIN WITH IT.

I've also noticed that people have ICON JOURNALS.. I WONT ACCEPT THESE EITHER.

I will only accept your personal account.
If your afraid of what icon makers would say, then you shouldn't be in this community or any other shared icon community for that matter.

If your crediting icons that are SUPPOSED to be credited, then you having nothing to worry about.

The End.
11th-Jun-2005 11:35 pm - *random*
kitty cat
Does anyone have any Belle from Beauty and The Beast bases or icons?
13th-Apr-2005 03:35 pm(no subject)
__cookiee @ ookies_dsignz
Image hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.com


- The Mods Of __sharedicons
20th-Mar-2005 02:55 pm - Mod//Locked
From now on, this community is members only. You must join to see the entries. Also, before you join, the mods have to accept you. You will most probably be accepted if you join. If not, we have a good reason why you weren't.

If you joined the community, and you still can't see the entries, you were probably banned. If you don't understand why you were banned, contact one of the mods.

Thank you <3,
the mods
20th-Mar-2005 11:26 am(no subject)
__cookiee @ ookies_dsignz
Until i have had a talk with the other mod, please make all posts friend's only, i'm not dealing with this drama bullshit anymore. Thank you<333

- Your mods.
20th-Mar-2005 12:59 am - asking?
does anybody have any ladder 49 mini movie icons?
19th-Mar-2005 11:11 pm(no subject)
ok ive looked through the memories and most of the pics wont work so does ne 1 have ne friends only pics of the notebook?
19th-Mar-2005 10:32 pm(no subject)
does anyone have any paris hilton icons that have a picture of her and say like "hey gorgeous" or "bye beautiful" ? it would be greatly appreciated <33
21st-Mar-2005 01:32 am - 41 icons
&lt;lj user=lyricsonicons&gt;
More Icons for you guys. :) this is my second post. :) I'll try to find more time to post. :)
Anyone got Icons with the name "rachel" or "rach"? Hand me sommmee :D
Enjoy the icons! Dont hotlink please. No credit needed, I didn't make em anyway. :) thanks a bunch


wish I could be, part of that world.Collapse )
19th-May-2005 05:02 pm(no subject)
girl dancing
Well well i cleaned out my Napoleon Icons .... take them !!! NO HOTLINKING .. it is screwing up my photobucket!


Your mom goes to collegeCollapse )
19th-Mar-2005 03:53 pm(no subject)
hey does anyone have any sin city icons with alexis bledel (rori) in them
19th-Mar-2005 03:22 pm(no subject)
{x} eye icons
{x} 27 icons

icons <3Collapse )
19th-Mar-2005 02:15 pm - Everwood, Gilmore Girls, the O.C.
spinelli &amp; maxie 3 // made by wrecked_gr
Everwood, Gilmore Girls, the O.C. under the cut.

through hereCollapse )
19th-Mar-2005 10:24 am - mod // BANNED
Ok, so much_x_l0ve and hateable__x have been banned from this community for causing unneccessary drama over their graphics.

If they wanted their graphics to be removed, they could've asked politely, and their requests would've been fulfilled without all the drama.

A new rule has been added to the community. From now on, if any person starts anything again about their graphics being posted here, then they will be banned asap. We don't need people like this in our community disturbing the peace.

Your mods.
19th-Mar-2005 07:20 am - Six Feet Under
Victoria - Momma Sharp Eyes
Six Feet Under Icons

"Look, I have to go identify our dead father's body. I'm sorry you're having a bad drug experience, but deal with it." - Nate Fisher

I may have swiped that foot, though...Collapse )
19th-Mar-2005 07:02 am - 24
Victoria - Momma Sharp Eyes
24 Icons

"I'm federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life." - Jack Bauer

Have you noticed, wherever you go there's a body count?Collapse )
bananabear333 asks to be credited for making 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, and 20 today :)
18th-Mar-2005 05:02 am(no subject)
Look, to all of the artists that I've upset by stealing graphics, I apologize. I'm leaving the community, nothing against you guys, you're all awesome, but it's caused way more harm than good.
18th-Mar-2005 08:45 pm(no subject)
green icons
[x] 32 icons
[x] teaser: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

but all we need is some ice-cream and a hugCollapse )
Sonny Moore
Grease Icons

Look At Me I'm Sandra DeeCollapse )
18th-Mar-2005 02:56 pm - ICONS!!!!
Hey...okay I have seen so many people post icons so I decided I would too

Here is a address to my photobucket account:

If I need to take any of or tell people to credit let me know I will be more than happy too

17th-Mar-2005 09:33 pm - Deftones, anyone?
I was just wondering if anyone has any Deftones icons. I looked through the memories & couldn't find any. Anyone who would be kind enough to share their Deftones icons will be highly appreciated. AND Weezer icons would be nice, too. :)
17th-Mar-2005 10:00 pm - Reno 911-
Punked out Jenn
Does anyone have any Terry from Reno 911 icons??

17th-Mar-2005 04:30 pm(no subject)
does anyone have any headers of jessica simpson.. or A&F or just any really cute headers lol im dying for some new ones.. thanks a bunch ..
17th-Mar-2005 02:34 pm(no subject)

Does anyone have any icons that have lyrics on them from the following artist?

Usher, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson, 3 doors down, Ciara, Christina Aguilera etc.

I would really appreciate it if you could post them




17th-Mar-2005 02:00 am(no subject)
I was wondering does anyone have any Fresh Prince icons or the killers?
Thanks a bunch if you do.
16th-Mar-2005 04:35 pm(no subject)
my handmade icons...no credit. i dont have anything fancy so this is all i can do.
piccyCollapse )
16th-Mar-2005 04:12 pm(no subject)
orange tank
alrighty, I guess you guys don't make icons... but does anyone have any icons that has:
"And when did your eyes begin to look fake? I hope you're as happy as you're pretending." (it's from Dashboard)
15th-Mar-2005 10:48 pm(no subject)
Exploding Dog- Music.
Does anyone have any Boston Red Sox FO Banners? Or else baseball in general, with no specific team?

15th-Mar-2005 08:46 pm - Random...
Many of these have already been posted, I think.Read more...Collapse )
15th-Mar-2005 07:44 pm - Request
Any "Blondes are better" or any "Boys love blonde" "Blondes run" icons?
thankssss times a million <33
15th-Mar-2005 07:09 pm(no subject)
orange tank
A little request: I was wondering if someone could make an icon with a picture or w/e that says,
"And when did your eyes begin to look fake? I hope you're as happy as you're pretending." (it's from Dashboard)
Thanks, I promise I will credit!
15th-Mar-2005 07:02 pm - LOOKING LOOKING!!!


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