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ok i just wanted to give everyone a heads up so they know whats going on. im a new mod here. i figured i could spend some of my free time(which i have WAY to much of lately) cleaning up the community. spring cleaning if u will. im going to delete entries where the icons are no longer being displayed. ideally i would like to clean up the members list. i was checking and it seems there are TONS of members who havent used their journals in months. so this is what i would like to do. if you actively check this community and would like to remain a member POST HERE. leave a comment. i dont care what it says just as long as i know u want to stay. i am going to take comments for a week. from there i will make a list of everyone that has replied. i will then remove ALL members and send out invites to the ones that replied. ready go!


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Okay, I am reposting these icons (and added other ones) because my LJ cut totally didn't work. Really sorry about that btw. Here they are again: Edit: Feel free to take anything, but please make sure to CREDIT. thank you! 

ER Animated and Non-animated (26 animated)

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Animated Webgoddess Care Bears

Themes Post: Dawson's Creek

This is a post of one of my favorite TV shows, Dawson's Creek. Some are by me and some are by icontastic17. icontastic17 doesn't require credit, but she would appreciate you commenting here on the ones you take. I have told her I was posting some here, so she knows they are posted here.


  • No Hot linking
  • Creditwebgoddess, please

  • I prefer comments over credit.

  • DON'T ever claim these as your own work

  • Textless icons are NOT bases.

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evil needs candy

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Does anybody have any baby winnie the pooh icons? Or any baby looney toons icons or baby disney icons?

Also, I am looking for fast food icons. Ya know, the kind with McDonald's or Pizza Hut or Taco Bell or Burger King, the like. Thanks, very much appreciated.
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Alright. Listen Up.

I've noticed that some people have accounts JUST for communities & stuff. I WONT ACCEPT YOU INTO THE COMMUNITY IF YOU JOIN WITH IT.

I've also noticed that people have ICON JOURNALS.. I WONT ACCEPT THESE EITHER.

I will only accept your personal account.
If your afraid of what icon makers would say, then you shouldn't be in this community or any other shared icon community for that matter.

If your crediting icons that are SUPPOSED to be credited, then you having nothing to worry about.

The End.