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Are you a Sexy Red Head? Bottled or Natural? Join us!

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This Is An 18+ Community. If Your Birthdate Is NOT In Your User Info, or You Are Too Young, You Recieve Automatic Rejection.

New Applicants
1. To apply you must answer the application questions
2. No blurry half-your-face webcam pics! We need to know what you look like!
3. Please DO NOT POST until you're officially accepted. You may comment on your own application. Commenting or posting (besides in your app.) will result in ONE warning and then a ban.
4. You can apply more than once, but please wait a week and submit NEW pictures.
5. If you keep applying and keep getting rejected, take a hint.
6. Please submit your application within 24 hours of joining, if your having issues then just wait until you have the time to do your application to join
7. In your application after the question "celebrity that gives redheads a bad name" write- 'carrot top' SO THAT WE KNOW YOU READ THE RULES.
9. Of course everything in your application will be behind a livejournal cut! if you dont know how to do one, learn here, its easy to understand!
10. If you don't or can't complete the ENTIRE application (including pictures and promotions) then the Mod will give you a 24 hour warning and grace period. If you don't then you WILL BE REJECTED.
11. In case of a tie, tallying will wait an extra day. If there is STILL a tie, the vote will go whichever way the Mod voted.

All Polls and Application Votes will be tallied after 48 hours.

Member Rules
1. Put YES or NO in the subject line of your vote
2. When voting be honest but not horribly mean.
2a. Negative comments about one's lifestyle (sexuality, gender identity, relationship type, sexual practices) are forbidden. Repeat offenders will be warned and possibly banned.
3. Promote us!!
4. Be courteous to your Mods
5. No off topic posts
6. When posting pictures please use lj-cut if it is more than one.
7. Please add us to your friends list so you can keep up with voting.
9. When posting, the word "stamped" must be in your Subject Heading.
10. When posting a theme entry the word "theme" must be in your subject as well.
11. TASTEFUL nudity is permitted, but no hardcore porn please. All posts containing Adult Material MUST be placed behind a cut with a warning and posted as friends only.

Promotion for Redhead themed communities only is allowed, but you must promote us to them too and provide a link or the post will be deleted.

If you repeatedly break the rules you will be banned

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[Baiscs (You in a Nut Shell)]

Lj name and the meaning behind it:
Zodiac Sign:
Does that matter?
Single or Taken?:


Favourite Bands/Musical Artists (if it’s too many, just pick 5):
Movies (again, if you’re movie-holic, just pick 5):

Something you like about yourself :
3 Words to describe yourself :
Do you have any piercings or tattoos?:
Do you identify with a “scene”? :
What’s your proudest accomplishment?:

Is your red hair natural or bottled? (if bottled, what shade do you use?)
Favourite Red Headed Celebrity :
Celebrity that gives redheads a bad name :

What's the best/worst part of being a redhead
Favorite/most favorite stereotype that you've herd about redheads?
Share an experience about being a redhead good or bad

[Finish the Sentence…]
Please do not feed the:
Absolutely no:
You’re a complete:
Let’s go:
What happened to all the:
I love all things that have to do with:
What about the:
I am:
Redheads are :

What CD is in your CD player right now?:
How did you find this community?:
How many other rating communities are you a member of?:
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?:
If they made your life into a movie, who would play you?:

[the other necessaries]

Promotion is against the new LJ TOS, so you don't have to, but we'd really really appreciate it.:
Pictures (at least three, one of which must be a body shot):

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Accepted Stamps

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