Maria (regulators_) wrote in __sexymuffins,

are the muffins hot enough?

1. Hello, what is your name? My name is Maria =D
2. How are you? I'm doing very good today actually, thanks for asking
3. How old are you? 14, 15 in January
4. Are you a boy or girl? I have a vagina
5. Where do you live? Wisconsin
6. Music preference hmm? gaaa. emo, scremo, hip-hop (NOT RAP)
7. What are your favorite bands? ace trouble shooter, a static lullaby, aesop rock, at the drive in, atmosphere, azure ray, benton falls, boys night out, brandston, bright eyes, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, emery, further seems forever, hey mercedes, le tigre, leftover crack, mae, mates of state, mewthoutyou, motion city soundtrack, rilo kiely, my american heart, my chemical romance, nerd, pedro the lion, planes mistaken for stars, pretty girls make graves, project 86, something corporate, the blood brothers, the decemberists, the postal service, the vibrators, the rocket summer, cursive, the white stripes, this beautiful mess, thursday, underoath .. sorry thats alot
8. Favorite movies? the lost boys, good burger, punch drnk love, donnie darko, napoleon dynamite, the notebook, titanic, bastard out of carolina
9. Why do you feel the need to be included in this super cool community? because i think i should be considered a sexy muffin
10. Show us a funny picture.

word to yo mama
11. Know any good jokes? not at the moment, but i know a good pickup line.. "my nickname is chevy cause when im with you im like a rock"
12. Some things you like: music, conor oberst, mechanical pencils, huge sunglasses, peppermint patties, heath bites, fudgcicles, nacho cheese, the smell of rain, sleep, peeing outside, chinese food, the dollar tree,
13. About yourself: Hmm. I am an easy person to get along with i don't try to argue with anyone unless i feel offended, i can be loud but not obnoxious, i know when to tone it down, i can get upset, and then i just dont talk, but that doesnt happen too often. i am costa rican and everoyne at my old school called me brown and made fun of me for it, but it was all in good fun i guess.
14. Anything else you would like to say: an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
15. Please promote us with the promo banner in the info and give us a direct link:
16. Pictures please. At least 2, no more than 6. Make sure they are pretty clear.

me on a wall . . .



    Well people. there is no need to get all angry and stupid about this place. it is now CLOSED!!!!!! i dont see why everyone is complaining about…

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    this community is really lame.

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