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Too sexy and hott

for our own good

cause we're sexy*hott...and you're not!
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...head mod...
rainb0wicee lix


[x] we try not to be rude, but if you can’t handle criticism, don’t bother to apply. I can’t help what people think about you. If you fail to keep it clean or try to pick a fight, consider yourself and/or the member banned.
[x] Feel free to complain if your application has been sitting around for at least 3 days without being officially stamped.
[x] You may not vote/comment on anything unless you are stamped by a mod.
[x]after you are stamped, feel free to tell us about your day, post new pictures of yourself, or anything thats on you mind. ^_^ we will have picture themes at times.
[x] not only will we rate how you look... we also focus on your personality.
[x] You may not advertise other communities with out a mod's permission. It looks ugly and junks up the entries page. Do it without asking and you risk getting banned.
[x]IMPORTANT!! don't use rich text mode for the application it's already formattted
[x] To let us know that you have read and understood the rules, make the subject of your application ' bang bang bang! '.
[x] fill out this application with some more information about your personality. Have at least four clear pictures of you (a body shot is extra points from me) behind an lj-cut and post it. No HUGE or tiny pictures, please. Copy and paste this in your entry and fill it out.

[x] Please help promote __sexyhott though! You can use these banners.

copy + paste:


[x] if you get rejected, please dont bother to apply again. its not like youre going to change yourself in a week. you'll just get bitched out and banned.
alwaysand4evea layout & icon credit

need more info? playtime13@hellokitty.com