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I want to be sexed like apple pie.


Foreplay //
Birthday:May 31/89
Location: Miami, Fl
Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: straight
Significant Other & Picture of them if you have one: Chris

Interesting Fact: about me? Im like athletic and stuff I was on the wrestling, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball etc. teams

Sexxing It Up //
Three Favorite Bands: The Donnas, The Doors, and The Used
Three Favorite Movies: Love Actually, Varsity Blues, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Three Favorite Colors: Pink, Green, Yellow
Favorite Shoes: old navy flip flops
Favorite Quote & Why: "All you have to do is love and be loved in return" becasue for a long time thats all i wanted in life.
Favorite Food: Ice cream (mint chocolate chip)
Favorite Actor/Actress: Angeina Jolie and Colin Farrel

Getting to the Good Part //
How do you feel about:
Abortion? i understand why people get upset about it because it is taking a life if you think about it but lets just say if i do get pregnant i know its my fault but im getting an abortion
Sex? it is a big desision but like once you make it and your happy its that greatest thing EVAR!
Drugs & Alcohol? not good for you or your body i wouldnt drink (well excessively) and or do drugs and i dont recommend it
Excessive Jewelry? too much gets finda tacky less is more ya know

What would you do if:
Someone dropped a pen and waited until you reached to help pick it up, and screamed, “That’s mine!”: id say i giving it to you...
Your Roommate became a mime: laugh
Someone whacked your toupee off: id smack them with it
You saw a snickers candy bar [unwrapped] in the school toilet: walk away..quickly
Your date repeated every third word they said: again...walk away

Answer these:
Why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side?
How do you keep an idiot busy for hours and hours? leave them with something shinny
What's the dumbest thing you've ever said/done? i dont i say alot of dumb things
What exactly is the fossil farm?..what? i dont know
Can you really build a cow? yes...not a real one though
Should Vegetarians eat animal crackers? yea but youd think it would make them sad
If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked? both
When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs? lol i dont know
Would a fly without wings be called a walk? no it would be called a fly with out wings

Tell us something funny/ amuse the shit out of us: I was walking through my b/fs hosue and I walked into the bathroom and caught him jacking off. Only he was about to cum. Then I screamed because I didn't know he was there. Then he came and his cum shot me in my eye...I went home and my mom goes hey Gabbii are your contacts bothering you? and I'm all no why she goes your eyes are really red take out your contacts. O and i thin kthsi is pretty funny

Finishing Up //
Did you enjoy this? yea it was funny
Will you promote our community? sure
If yes; promote to one community & direct link it here.<"blowjobs4joebob"> is that how you do it? what ever...
Look on the accepted/rejected list and tell us who should have been let in just by their mad good looks: xsilowetsaloonx, xdaniellabellax, brokenrealityxx, dryxtears, and joinme_indeath

The Awkward Silence Afterwards //
Show us four pictures of you. Atleast one of your entire face!
Show us one picture of something you like.

i like...

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