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I want to be sexed like apple pie

Foreplay //
Samantha b (call me sam)
Age: 15
Birthday: August 17
Location: Orlando, Florida
Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: guys [i guess you could just say I'm straight]
Significant Other & Picture of them if you have one: Mark...! Not the best picture of him... but its a picture. That's not me with him in the picture though, lol... its my best friend. I was taking it.

Interesting Fact: the average lifespan of a dragonfly is twenty four hours... or so I heard.

Sexxing It Up //
Three Favorite Bands:
Tiger Army, The Beatles, The Distillers
Three Favorite Movies: Napoleon Dynomite, Erin Brockovitch, and.... Saw (but they change often, lol)
Three Favorite Colors: green, black, and cool shades of blue
Favorite Shoes: my black high tops... i can't enjoy wearing any other pair of shoes, as lame as that may sound.
Favorite Quote & Why: 'my life is just like a car crash' because I'm listening to Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards and that was the first line of the chorus.
Favorite Food:
almost anything Chinese or Japanese, especially spring rolls... and prime rib from outback because outback kicks ass.
Favorite Actor/Actress: Angelina Jolee (sp?) because she's the first person that came to mind, and she's really pretty

Getting to the Good Part //
How do you feel about:
Abortion?: I'm pro-choice, but at the same time I think many women do it because of lack of their own responsibility.
Sex?: I think it's awesome when its with someone you really care about. I mean, it's great any way you do it, but its better to really care about the person your with and not have too many one night flings... if any
Drugs & Alcohol?: Some drugs can really fuck up your life, but I don't have anything against people who do them. I've wanted to try alcohol but alcoholism runs in my family, so I'm almost scared to try it. Once again though nothing against people who do it. I can be comfortable around people drinking and smoking... although I've never been around people doiong any drugs other than weed.
Excessive Jewelry?: It can be cool when used properly

What would you do if:
Someone dropped a pen and waited until you reached to help pick it up, and screamed, “That’s mine!”:
laugh, and if they really seemed to want it, give it to them and take out another.
Your Roommate became a mime: First I'd get a kick out of it, then it'd get annoying when I really needed to ask them something or couldn't pick up the phone in time, so I'd probably end up moving out.
Someone whacked your toupee off: scream, run after it yelling, retrieve it, make sure no one was watching as i placed it back on its perch atop my head.
You saw a snickers candy bar [unwrapped] in the school toilet: Probably think it was a piece of crap and try flushing the toliet only to find it wouldn't flush down. Then I'd just be creeped out (because I'm sure I'd never think it was actually a snickers bar) and leave the bathroom.
Your date repeated every third word they said: Ask them if they're was something wrong, or if they could please stop doing it... I'd think it was a joke.

Answer these:
Why did the chicken cross the road?
to meet up with his chicken friends (sorry I was never good at the chicken jokes)
How do you keep an idiot busy for hours and hours? ...turn this keyring over... i had one once and that's the first thing that came to mind... i lost it though i think
What's the dumbest thing you've ever said/done?: I've done a lot of really stupid shit... once i was running down the bleachers on the football field, skipping seats on the way down, and i started going so fast that i had to jump off before i reached the bottom, and basically swan dived onto the bottom of the bleachers and bruised myself up. Not smart to say the least.
What exactly is the fossil farm? You know... I have no clue :\
Can you really build a cow? of course, why not? I can think of a few ways...
Should Vegetarians eat animal crackers? If they feel it proper within themselves
If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked? Naked. I have a turtle and he has a home outside of his shell... so if he didnt have a shell... he'd just be naked.
When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs? No, but they chant... in unison.
Would a fly without wings be called a walk? yes. yes he would.

Tell us something funny/ amuse the shit out of us:

 a few weeks ago I went to the mall with my friend Emma... we were walking around JC Penny and decided to try on this pair of pants...


Yes, this is seriously just one pair of really big pants. Size 24 I think.

Finishing Up //
Did you enjoy this?
Yes, it was different than the usual, "why do you want to be in this community" application.
Will you promote our community? I'll try, but I'm only in one other communtiy.... Oh good, the next question only needs me to post in one ^_^ 
If yes; promote to one community & direct link it here. <lj comm"demon_dollies"> I'm not sure if I linked that correctly.. so just in case you can find it at sorry if those didn't work !_!
Look on the accepted/rejected list and tell us who should have been let in just by their mad good looks: I'd say broken realityxx you're very perdy ^_^.

The Awkward Silence Afterwards //
Show us four pictures of you. Atleast one of your entire face!

 My hair before i put blonde in it

 This one's mad flattering, i know... lol... I'm on the left

 me an my younger cousin Jessica.... this cracks me up for some odd reason ^_^
 In Illinois

 My hait after i put blonde in it... woo

 me again, wouldn't you know it, with my g-ma and g-pa... I'm on the left (lol)

Show us one picture of something you like.

hmm.... oh... got it

mmmmm i love coke.... but sadly I'm trying to stop drinking it :(
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