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its been a while..stamped

heres some photos over the weekend....but i also just cut and dyed my hair...ill have those on here shortly too. some of the photos are really big...sorry about that my com is being gay and doesnt want to make them small.

my friend alex, she has a mohawk!

me and ickis's writtings

its a rocket!

bay city water is soo pretty, not always gross

i like this photo alot

alex(left) ME!!(right)

yay! its my ickis

our hang out spots

alex isnt showing clevage, which is weird!!!!!!

its mitchells butt!!!

peekaboo its me

ickis is wearing my pants! oh the nerve! hehe <333 for ickis

ready get set

go!!!!! jumping was scary! your so high up!


my fav photo of ickis ever!!!!!!

monsters deserve love too

its like im escaping from jail!

almost free

me and alex

its a loong way down from there

mitch and alex=1year

the four of us....we went to the coffee shop later on

mitch is funny!

ickis mitch and kellen at the coffee shop

me and matt at the coffee shop, im haveing him smell the dragons blood smelly incense (yummy!)

i think i was just falling here

oh my!!! ITS A BONER!

me on drums!

livelong day played at the coffee shop


me and ickis

oh yea, i forgot to mention...ICKIS IS A fucking TREE HUGGER!!!!!!!!

thats it

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