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I forgot about the community until that last girl applied!

Wow we need to like promote or something, this place is seriously dying and it sucks. I even forgot about it until that last girl applied!


Well...While I'm in here, here's some homecoming and other recent pictures!


 I was in love with my hair, I had never had it done before.

 Me and my boyfriend Joe before homecoming.

 Me and my best friend Kelsey.

Those were after homecoming, there was more but they wouldnt upload for some reason. We all went out to "The Land" and built a fire! Fun Times!

And now I'm going to be a camera whore! WOO!

01.                          02.

03.                      04.

05.               06.

 07.                        08. (School picture)    

                               09.(photoshoped obviously)

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