miss me miss me now ya gotsta kiss me!

well i guess i have a lot of catching up to do.
i don;t expect this entry to be very long considering that i'm in school right now, but i quit using livejournal except for this community.
to get ahold of me=
greatestjournal= _hellokitty__x
xanga= sheslollirottenx
aim= lollipop kissx
yahoo= xlollirotten_kittenx

i've been so busy + so sick that i haven't had much time to do anything. i need to updatein here more considering the rule was ONCE A WEEK. i'm also thinking about making it all friends only oh yeah. ummmm.
since i'm at school i can't really do much i love u all.

take care for me.
and PLEASE...
feel free to add any of my contacts above.
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A random fact about my life!

I just found out the other day, that I was born a little after my mom had cancer therapy, so the chances of her not having kids were very high, and then she was also on the pill when she became pregnant with me.....
I don't know how I should feel about that. Lucky I guess, or like a mistake...........