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__Seraphine [entries|friends|calendar]
Myystic Designs by Rachael-Sama

Welcome to the Graphics Journal of *Rachael-Sama. I'm so happy to have you here! While browsing, you will see graphics from multiple fandoms, ranging from Star Wars to Teen Titans (i have so many fandoms, to list them would be rediculous). Please join my graphics community to recieve more updates on my creations! Also, you can visit my deviantart as well (link below).

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06/10/06 - 10:51am]


PSP9//Soft Skin Effect [
09/05/05 - 9:24am]


I know many have wondered how to do the soft skin effect for PSP. unfortunately, many have turned to the SOFTEN tool, which is just not the same thing. But I have found the solution!

this: to this:

I will love you until my dying days . . .Collapse )

PSP9//Samara texture and text effects [
09/05/05 - 9:22am]


this  to this:

But I do, and i'm sorry  . . .Collapse )

PSP9//Terra, Textures, and Blend modes [
09/05/05 - 9:18am]


this:  to this:

This tutorial was created using PSP9.

My name is Terra, and I have no regrets.Collapse )

PSP9//Mini Moon and Windows [
09/05/05 - 9:16am]


this:  to this:

I'll be here when you fall . . .Collapse )

PSP9//Sailor Moon and the Colorful Gliterry Texture [
09/05/05 - 9:12am]

this: to this:

power beyond your dreams . . .Collapse )

PSP9//Sailor Moon, Purpleness, Blends and Coolio Text! [
09/05/05 - 9:08am]


this:  to this:

Moon Prism Power!Collapse )

PSP9//DP Tutorial-another version of Outlining (and other neato things) [
09/05/05 - 9:08am]


this: to this:

this tutorial's pretty easy to accomplish, but i have many images here to help you understand better, so watch out for slow computers. Also, this is not the ONLY version of outlining there is. This is just one way of doing it, but making it look more .. interesting. It depends on the base you use, of course, but what tutorial doesnt have that? We'll be using PSP9.

cause he's Danny PhantomCollapse )

My very large big HUGE icon post. [
09/04/05 - 9:08pm]


This post contains every icon i've ever made (well . . . most), from every FANDOM i'm into (or somewhat into), from first to last. To slow computers, watch out: this may take some time to load. VERY image heavy.

listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?Collapse )

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