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So I had forgotten about posting my short little addition to this wonderful community, but here I am and look what I have!

Title: Lost? (iPod shuffle finally decided this for me...)

Rating: Uh, Teen? It's nothing you wouldn't see on television.

Summary: Michael's mind was lost. Sebastian found it.

Sebastian pulls away from Michael, bids him well, and turns off like nothing happened. While Sebastian saunters off, Michael watches him in shock. What the hell? Did he just do that here of all places? Michael can’t quite wrap his mind around exactly what just happened, but he feels the odd urge to follow Sebastian and rip him away from the small group of aides he’s gone to after fleeing and throwing him against the wall and ravishing him- wait, no, that’s not what he’s supposed to be thinking!

Michael hurries out of the room and- as quickly as he can- into his office for a moment of privacy. He throws open the door and rushes to his desk. Leaning against it like it was his only lifeline, Michael closes his eyes and exhales. No! All this time that he’s been pining for me, and I ignored it because it made him good at his job! And when he finally makes a legitimate move, my body decides I want him? No!


‘Um, excuse me, Prime Minister?’ Michael hears a small voice behind him. A small, but familiar, voice.

‘Yes, Sebastian?’

‘Um, well, you rushed out of the celebration so quickly I thought there might be a problem you would need my assistance with?’

Even after kissing Michael in public, Sebastian still managed to sound coy.

‘You thought there was a problem I would need your assistance with? You are the problem, Sebastian.’ Michael bit out evenly.

‘I’m sorry, Prime Minister,’ Sebastian looked heartbroken. He turned to leave.

‘No, no, I’m sorry Sebastian,’ Michael said, stopping Sebastian in his tracks, ‘come back here and shut the door.’

Sebastian brightened immediately and danced to the door. He shut it quietly and turned so fast Michael thought he himself would be dizzy. The look on Sebastian’s face was all-telling, and Michael couldn’t help but feel surprised for just a moment. That is, until he remembered that this was Sebastian and of course he was going to look at Michael with adoration, he always did.

Shaking away his thoughts, Michael realised that Sebastian had taken, “come here,” quite literally. Sebastian was now lounging on the desk, practically curling himself around Michael’s torso. Michael could smell the shampoo Sebastian uses; feel the surprisingly wiry build of his body. It was, in that moment, irresistible. All of it, but more than that, the fact that Sebastian wanted him and he was willing to admit he wanted Sebastian back. He didn’t care that Sebastian may have been just a slight bit obsessed, he didn’t care that this wouldn’t be well-wished by the public, or his wife for that matter; he just focused on the feel of Sebastian’s thighs beneath his fingers. Oh, when did my hand get there?

Michael could feel Sebastian shaking beneath him- whether it be from nervousness or excitement he wasn’t sure.

‘P-Prime Minister…’ Sebastian gasps

‘Call me Michael,’ and he swoops in, and finally crosses the line he had never thought they would. He kisses Sebastian slowly.

When they finally part, Michael realises that Sebastian just made him feel complete.

‘Sebastian,’ Michael begins, but doesn’t get to finish. In that moment the doorknob turns and in walks Sarah.

‘Honey, could you come out here? Everyone’s asking for you.’ She walks in with her head down, not noticing Sebastian leap from Michael's arms.

‘Of course, just let me finish up here.’

Michael places a hand upon Sebastian’s arm, ‘We’ll… continue this later.’

As Michael leaves, Sebastian mutters, ‘Yes, Prime Minister.’

Once the door clicks, Sebastian jumps for joy- literally.



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