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Hey Hey Hey!

So... New to this community! It seems a bit dead :(
Well I thought I'd introduce myself and tell y'all I'm not a writer but more of a original media artist! If you have any ideas of what to draw for this community drop me a note! And I take commissions! But rarely any pr0n ones. Sorry to burst y'alls bubbles!
http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/zombehluvin/ My y-gallery account. As u can see not much up thar! Oh teh noes!

I've been watchin' Little Britain for quite some time and The P.M. + Sebastian = LURVE!
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So I had forgotten about posting my short little addition to this wonderful community, but here I am and look what I have!

Title: Lost? (iPod shuffle finally decided this for me...)

Rating: Uh, Teen? It's nothing you wouldn't see on television.

Summary: Michael's mind was lost. Sebastian found it.

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Hello, it's me again. Sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if there was anyone who would be willing to be my beta. It's been a long time since I've written and I would very much appriciate the help!
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Anthony Head/David Walliams RPS fic

I have returned *flourish*

Sorry, got a little carried away there! I’m so thrilled to see that a few more people have taken an interest in this comm again, in celebration of which I present a fic I wrote over a year ago but never posted as there was no one to read it!  It’s Anthony Head/David Walliams RPS – yep, the real people behind the characters, so if that offends or squicks anyone I’d recommend you not read this, although it’s very PG.  I have a few other RPSs festering away on my harddrive, to be completed and posted if this goes down well…this is my way of testing the waters! :)


(This was written a year ago and I’m not wild about it, but thought I’d post anyway to get the comm. moving again – any and all constructive criticism is much appreciated!)


Title: Layers

Pairing: Anthony Head/David Walliams RPS

Rating: PG

Words: 1032

Summary: David and Tony discuss some costume choices (bonus points to anyone who can spot which episode inspired this!)

Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody, this is a work of fiction intending no harm and in no way claims to represent real events.


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Hullo, newbie here

Hullo, I see this community is about dead as of late. I hope to somewhat rectify that. I have come across Little Britain just recently and fell in love with Sebastian and the Prime Minister. I think they are just adorable together and have begun a quick ficlet of them already. I'm not sure when it will be finished as this is midterms week as well as softball try-outs, but there is a long weekend coming up that I can write my bum off in. When it is finished I do hope that it will be recieved well!
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Merry Xmas - Anne!

Two slashy screenshots (and one "normal" one)!

Okay. First time I post pictures, so... let's hope I did it right. And, if I did it wrong, let's hope I can erase my post, lol.

I've seen people somehow link to their post, so the pictures aren't on the front page, but inside the link page. Anyone know how to do that? :S Lol. Help... "Computer says no", lol. I know this is a 'ship community and all, but posting two pics like that on the main page still seems innapropriate somehow. :P Hope no one minds, lol.

Anyway, I screenshotted these from season 2 just now, since I felt so inspired! ^_^  I originally only posted the first two, but somehow, there just wasn't enough Sebastian - so I edited and added the third pic as well - I just LOVE his pose there! :D I also just discovered the "frame by frame" function on my media player... which makes screenshotting a lot easier! :D

Enjoy? :D

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