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[7♥23♥06 `♥♥♥` 3:14am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey. I'm not new to Livejournal but this is a new account. I thought maybe I could find some friends with similar interests and this seemed like a good place to do go about it. So add me...or whatever.

myspace link :CLICK

scene as fucking shit.

[4♥28♥06 `♥♥♥` 10:38am]


001 xxx scene as fucking shit.

Free Clothes! [4♥4♥06 `♥♥♥` 5:07pm]

Just thought I would let everyone know that the vegan straight edge folks at Motive and peta2 are giving away free vegan shirts and a vegan messenger bag. You can enter to win the stuff here. Motive makes some really awesome stuff. Check out their MySpace if you get a chance. Enjoy!

scene as fucking shit.

im just a girl living in captivity.... [2♥24♥06 `♥♥♥` 7:08pm]

[ mood | amused ]

ok well i just joined this community..i typed in silerstein and for some reason this community popped up..it seemed like an interesting on to join so..feel free to comment and i'll add you but only if you actually comment..all my info is on my info page including myspace crap.
i <3 <3 <3 <3 music!!im addicted!!

scene as fucking shit.

[2♥3♥06 `♥♥♥` 12:34pm]

Does anyone remember Saetia? From around 98?

It feels like im the only one who knows about them :\
003 xxx scene as fucking shit.

[1♥28♥06 `♥♥♥` 8:17pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket
scene as fucking shit.

[10♥28♥05 `♥♥♥` 6:50pm]

new to __scenewhores__ but not new to the scene.

favorite bands are:
Fear before the march of flames
The Chariot
Norma Jean [old]
Blood Brothers


edmfklewmf. be my friend if you wanna.
001 xxx scene as fucking shit.

[9♥27♥05 `♥♥♥` 5:44pm]

So my band, Another Tragic Story, has 2 new demo songs up at our purevolume site. Go listen to them, tell your friends to listen to them and so on and so on. They're only going to be up for a week or so. Learn the words, come see us on October 7th @ Elk Grove VFW, unless of course you aren't from Illinois. Check it out here www.purevolume.com/anothertragicstory, feedback is always welcome. Enjoy.

{petey rivera}
scene as fucking shit.

add me [9♥23♥05 `♥♥♥` 1:26pm]

add me on myspace!!!

scene as fucking shit.

[9♥12♥05 `♥♥♥` 1:13pm]

So my band, Another Tragic Story, has a demo of our new song "Friends" up at our myspace. Go check it out if you're interested...www.myspace.com/anothertragicstory
scene as fucking shit.

EBAY: AS THE SUN SETS "Limited Summer" Demo, USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breathless" CD, & INTERPOL demo [9♥4♥05 `♥♥♥` 2:30pm]


Unfortunately for me (fortunately for you!) the people that won these items from me flaked, so here they are again.

-AS THE SUN SETS "limited summer" tour CD demo from the tour w/ A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE just before ATSS became DAUGHTERS.
ONLY 200 of these exist!!!

-USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breathless" hand-made CD. Glued, painted, and stamped with glitter. This is the only copy i've ever seen of this. A real humdinger!

-INTERPOL "Precipitate" self-released CD featuring GREG DRUDY from SAETIA on drums.

Thanks for looking!
scene as fucking shit.

ENDING TODAY [8♥20♥05 `♥♥♥` 1:16pm]


As The Sun sets "Limited Summer" Demo, OFF MINOR DEMO, Original tour shirts from ORCHID, JEROMES DREAM, THE VIDA BLUE, LOCUST MIRROR COMPACT, and USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breath" CD!!! CLICK (for bandit)!
scene as fucking shit.

EBAY:rare Locust mirror, As The Sun Sets demo, OFF MINOR demo Usurp Synapse CD, ORCHID tour shirt [8♥15♥05 `♥♥♥` 5:04pm]


There's more than intially shown, so clickie clickie! jerome's dream, Vida blue, and more!

keep him in ur thoughts [7♥29♥05 `♥♥♥` 10:41pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a pray chain for Josh. On Wednesday, July 27, 2005 he was involved in a serious car accident. He is in the hospital with severe injuries to his face. He has a walking pnemonia, which is the cause for the car accident. He passed out at the wheel on the freeway. I am begging that anyone who receives this to please pray for his swift and full recovery. He is loved very much by his family and friends. He has a huge heart and this tragedy should not have happened to him. Please pray for him!!!!
001 xxx scene as fucking shit.

[7♥27♥05 `♥♥♥` 4:35pm]


Giving away PAID LIVE JOURNAL ACCOUNTS as prizes.
Needs co-mods and sister communities.
Daily discussions, themes, and contests.
Bi-weekly Contests
Treasure Hunts
Member of the Month
So much to do!

It's a community that rates on personality, looks, and it doesn't have a theme.
Here you can talk about everything and anything. Fashion, movies, music, life.
Every topic is covered here at dangerouslyhot. And we want you to join!

There are currently four auto-accept/rejects left so come quick.
Twenty Members in ONE day! Now that says something! This community rocks!</font>
scene as fucking shit.

[7♥22♥05 `♥♥♥` 10:06pm]

scene as fucking shit.

go to this tonight [7♥19♥05 `♥♥♥` 8:34am]

TUESDAY, July 19th @ Elk Grove VFW
400 E. Devon - 1/2 mile east of Arlington Heights Rd
in Elk Grove VILLAGE (you must use VILLAGE if you use mapquest)
...a block away from Krispy Kreme Donuts

10:05-10:35 Noberlin - Elk Grove Village
9:25-9:55 Quiet Drive - Minneapolis, Minnesota - EPIC RECORDS
8:45-9:15 Another Tragic Story - Barrington
8:05-8:35 The Waiting Game - Wheaton
7:25-7:55 Sleeper - Arlington Heights
6:40-7:10 People Safari - Elk Grove Village
6:00-6:30 Juliets Suicide Scene - Bensenville

5:30 - Doors

scene as fucking shit.

_oh_dynamite [7♥11♥05 `♥♥♥` 3:57pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
scene as fucking shit.

Promote. [7♥6♥05 `♥♥♥` 7:21pm]

Promoting.Collapse )
001 xxx scene as fucking shit.

[7♥6♥05 `♥♥♥` 6:09am]

The Weakend is giving back to everyone for causing Smartpunk.com and Hot Topic to continually be out of stock. As a thank you, they uploaded every song or clip that has been on purevolume since they joined. Click the banner to go directly to the site.

Also, they have decided to make two songs available for download. Make your way to http://www.takeoverradio.com/theweakend (or click this link) to request and download The Weakend's songs. You will need to sign up but that isn't a big deal at all.
scene as fucking shit.

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