Amy Kovacs (queenofharpies) wrote in __s_a_r_a_h,
Amy Kovacs

Was I supposed to use cut?

Name: Amelia
Age: 24
Location: Cary, NC
Diseases contracted: chickenpox
Sex: female
What is your opinion on people with piss-colored hair? Blond/yellow hair is so base and boring.
Would you ever dye your hair the aforementioned color? No, I'd look like a washed out slob. I prefer doo doo brown.
What the fuck are you going to be when you grow up? a fucking nurse
Would you fuck Sarah before you grow up? I'd rock Sarah like no one's business.
Have you owned a Tamagotchi? Yes, to kill it.
Is Coke better than Pepsi? Depends. Both of them make my teeth feel filmy anyways.
How insanely white is Vanilla Ice? He's a magoo.
Charmin or Charmin ultra? Ultra.
Bill Cosby or Eddie Murphy? Cosby
Which Baldwin brother? Hmmm Alec. He's imposing and kind of hefty. I think that's hot. Even though 98% of the movies he's been in have been total turds.
Tums or Pepcid AC? Tums.
Which Olsen twin is less evil? Mary Kate
Name four bands that do not suck in alphabetical order: The Cure, The Pixies, Portishead, This Mortal Coil.
Why would Sarah make a great president? With all the retarded anti-humans out there she'd have her work cut out for her...
And if she was president, would you move to Canada? Nah.
Write out a lust confession (like the ones on Lust? Confession? Pray tell how does one write out one of those. Forgive my clueless bs.
What poptart flavor owns them all? Brown Sugar or Cookie dough.
Why should we accept you? Why shouldn't you?
Gay men or gay women? Whatever. Doesn't matter.
Would you consider letting yourself be gangprobed? If it was in the name of research I'd be down.
Say something positive about George W. Bush: His suits are always pressed and clean.
Go on Paint and paint something entirely random, upload it, and post it here: I don't have paint but If I did I would paint you raw bacon smeared with mayonaise, hot dogs dipped in peanut butter and cough syryp tacos.
Post a picture of yourself so I know you're not an ugly cunt: Look at my user icon.
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