MisterRoboto (arrowintwolakes) wrote in __s_a_r_a_h,

Name: Robert "Wildcat Destabilization" Morris
Age: 22
Location: Maine
Diseases contracted: Chicken Pox, Flu, Cold
Sex: Yes please
What is your opinion on people with piss-colored hair? On them? Scrambled eggs
Would you ever dye your hair the aforementioned color? Not intentionally while sober
What the fuck are you going to be when you grow up? Human
Would you fuck Sarah before you grow up? Have vagina, will travel
Have you owned a Tamagotchi? No
Is Coke better than Pepsi? No
How insanely white is Vanilla Ice? Insanely
Charmin or Charmin ultra? Bounty
Bill Cosby or Eddie Murphy? No
Which Baldwin brother? Billy
Tums or Pepcid AC? Pepcid. I'm not taken in by that derivitive Fifth crap
Which Olsen twin is less evil? Al
Name four bands that do not suck in alphabetical order: Arcade Fire, Dresden Dolls, Nada Surf, Roots
Why would Sarah make a great president? Based off the current example, most rocks would, so, yes
And if she was president, would you move to Canada? Am a Canadian citizen. Working from the inside.
Write out a lust confession (like the ones on notproud.com): There were many times, in my youthful life, with a male friend named Eric E., that we would dress up in womens clothing I had smuggled from my family dress-up bin. This was not done to be funny, to say, "look at us, we're in women's clothes!", but to sincerely dress as a woman. It was not long before I convinced Eric to sneak into his mother's room, while we were awake listening to the radio at 4 in the morning, and steal her clothes to dress in. I often used his friendship in my octoanarian days to play video games only, and only convinced him to do so as I was much smarter than him, in all definitions. He is now an aspiring executive in a mechanical engineering firm having gotten his undergraduate degree from UVM and working on his masters at MIT. This is all true.
What poptart flavor owns them all? Strawberry
Why should we accept you? I responded honestly, though am unbelievable
Gay men or gay women? Gay men. Always
Would you consider letting yourself be gangprobed? I would consider it. I would not consider allowing it.
Say something positive about George W. Bush: His daughters know how to drink.
Go on Paint and paint something entirely random, upload it, and post it here: spock
Post a picture of yourself so I know you're not an ugly cunt:me
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