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Omg members!

w0000t, we have members! Or maybe I'm just incredibly lazy and never bothered to check my friends page on livejournal. Either way, uh, everyone is accepted, because we rule. Or something.

And because I'm a good little admin, I filled out the survey as well.

Name: Sarah
Age: Seventeen.
Location: Arizona.
Diseases contracted: I am STD-free much thanks to glow-in-the-dark condoms. Shh.
Sex: Hell yes.
What is your opinion on people with piss-colored hair? I think they should be castrated and forced to eat the remains of their dick.
Would you ever dye your hair the aforementioned color? No. But I am blonde. It's more of a uh, non-piss blonde.
What the fuck are you going to be when you grow up? An adult film star specializing in fantasy bondage. And I'll be married to Malcolm McDowell.
Would you fuck Sarah before you grow up? If I wasn't already me, I'd totally do me. Maybe I can like, fuck my mirror.
Have you owned a Tamagotchi? Yes. In fourth grade. Fucker kept beeping about food so I spilled koolaid on his ass.
Is Coke better than Pepsi? Damn straight.
How insanely white is Vanilla Ice? About as white as those fake teeth in the crest whitestrips commercial.
Charmin or Charmin ultra? Charmin ultra. Because ultra reminds me of ultra-violent.
Bill Cosby or Eddie Murphy? Murphy. Bill Cosby makes me cringe.
Which Baldwin brother? ALEC. Hahaha, Denise totally saw this one coming.
Tums or Pepcid AC? Tums. Mostly the tropical ones.
Which Olsen twin is less evil? Mary Kate. I think.
Name four bands that do not suck in alphabetical order: Freedom Call, Heavenly, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica.
Why would Sarah make a great president? Because I would look better in a suit than George W.
And if she was president, would you move to Canada? Never.
Write out a lust confession (like the ones on Well, this one time, I was fifteen and my younger brother's friend came over to spend the night. After everyone went to sleep, I took him up into my room. Totally the hottest 12 year old EVER. We started messing around and before the next morning, I made him a man.
What poptart flavor owns them all? Brown Sugar Cinnimon.
Why should we accept you? Dude, I own this community. I accept me already.
Gay men or gay women? Gay men. Guy on guy action is hot.
Would you consider letting yourself be gangprobed? Of course.
Say something positive about George W. Bush: Uh. He isn't Al Gore.
Go on Paint and paint something entirely random, upload it, and post it here: Too fat and lazy. And if I wasn't fat and lazy I would paint a picture of myself being fat and lazy and sitting on my ass doing nothing.
Post a picture of yourself so I know you're not an ugly cunt: Mmmm, it's not recent, but here goes-
Meeee I rock and have a Germany shirt.
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