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Hello fellow YC fans,

Did anyone happen to catchthe concert they put on for Grad Nite in Disney World (Orlando, Florida) for the Seniors of 2005? It ROCKED!!! Ryan was amusing, and he couldn't get his guitar to stay tuned, it was an awsome show though! I don't think many people realized it was off...::shrugs:: Nonetheless, everyone was amazing!

Ta for now,

Peace, Love and YC!
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aw this community is dying..T.T

but on they have a video of Ryan, Pete, and Sean in the studio and Sean is giving'em a pop quiz on new york. i don't know i thought it was real cute♥ especially Ryan because i am lame that way..^.^ so yeah you all should go check it out

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So, I'm kind of new here and I really would like to see this community become more active. I'm not all that computer savvy so I can't make banners or anything but I can promote! lol! I just think there should be more conversations going on and stuff. So here's a question to get us talking.

What's your favorite Yellowcard song?
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Okay Im trying to keep this community active....
So everyone leave me a comment with their favorite picture of Ryan Key and By tonight Ill have a suprise for you. ♥
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