<<charlene>> (daydreamer_star) wrote in __ryankey,


well..hmm..raefers made this community..and it effing rocks mai god foresaken socks...

well down to business:

I CAUGHT THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS...MAI FRIEND WENT AND GOT ME AUTOGRAPHS AND PICTURES...FUCK YES!!! i'm extremely happy...but hey so yeah...just hellzah bored thinkin about ryan and hot guys like hm...laters.

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    I think Im going to create a new community..based upon Ryan Key..but it'll be better. And you all won't ignore me. haha..plus there's not gonna be…

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    Hey! well, I start school in a month and I'm working on my collages for my binders! If you have any REALLY good pics, I NEED them! thanx!

  • (no subject)

    oh my god ryan cant be gay. then we can cant get marriedd!!

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