omg its jess

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I think Im going to create a new community..based upon Ryan Key..but it'll be better. And you all won't ignore me. there's not gonna be posts like "OH EM FUCKING GEE RYAN IS SO HOT !!11!" cause yeah..that's not what this is about. haha.

So let me know if you guys are interested..tho I think you all died? haha

your mod..,
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Is Ryan Gay?

Hey peoples!!!! Now, I hope to God that this isn't true, but I heard on the grape vine that Ryan Key is GAY.shocking, I know. But think about it.On thier blog thingie, Pete says something, like 'All the women sigh, cute little asian' about sean, but then he says 'all the guys sigh, it's ryan doing vocals'. And in Empty Apartment, Ryan talks about his heart breaking or something and it's about thier formor bass player, who was a DUDE. This totally ruins our wedding plans. I'll keep ya' posted
omg its jess


Okay. Here's how it's going to work. There's a banner posted in the community's info made by me. Post it anywhere and everywhere. The person with the most links, yes, I will check them all, will get 4 banners of Ryan Key. All personalized the way you want them. I can't do much cause I lack programs. So blends and shit..yeah, they won't work..but single pictures, yes. I can do that. So get out there and start promoting and post your links to meeeeeee!

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well..hmm..raefers made this community..and it effing rocks mai god foresaken socks...

well down to business:

I CAUGHT THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS...MAI FRIEND WENT AND GOT ME AUTOGRAPHS AND PICTURES...FUCK YES!!! i'm extremely happy...but hey so yeah...just hellzah bored thinkin about ryan and hot guys like hm...laters.