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4/27/12 02:52 am - esuety - NO DELETE!

Оригинал взят у personanongrato в муамар каддафи признан героем в области защиты прав человека по голосованию amnesty internationalRead more...Collapse )
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9/27/09 10:56 pm - vampire_ninja - New Rammstein music video

Music video for "Pussy"- NOT WORK SAFE.

It is blatantly pornographic, but the song is much better than I really expected it to be. It's very cheeky and amusing compared to what I thought it would be like.

Also, the new album "Liebe ist Fur Alle Da" drops October 20th.

2/12/09 10:48 am - lilrand0m_chik - Hilf Mir!


Well I'm into Rammstein, and I got some songs from Limewire, HOWEVER, one song was renamed wrong. Perhaps even the wrong band as well. >_<

Someone listened to it and said that it might possibly not be Rammstein at all, and that it sounds like Megaherz. So I streamed some songs of theirs, but couldn't find it. 

It was titled WRONGLY "Rammstein- Ohne Dich", so could someone listen and tell me it's real name and band. Thank You so much!!

LINK to the wrongly titled song HERE

9/17/08 08:32 pm - cerulean_eyes - Eisbrecher

Hey guys,

I'm so happy - going to see Eisbrecher in Berlin this Friday night (19.09). Is anyone else going to this gig? I'm really looking forward to it. Jesus on Extasy are supporting, so that could also be good.

6/10/08 11:14 am - vampire_ninja - New Releases!

From Megaherz's site:

The new album will be in stores on July 25, 2008 and will be called Heuchler ("Hypocrite"). A week before release, you will be able to preview the album online on the official Megaherz MySpace page.

At 8:00 pm on May 23, 2008, you will be able to listen to the entire new album in the Dark Refuge Club in Second Life! Lex, our new frontman, will be there with his own avatar to answer your questions.

Before the album release, stories on Megaherz will appear in the June editions of the following German music magazines: Orkus, Zillo and Sonic Seducer.

For those who have already waited so long, you can head over to the official Megaherz MySpace page and listen to the new song "Fauler Zauber" ("Cheap Trick") in addition to the song "Ebenbild" ("Clone"), which has already been available for some time.

"Fauler Zauber" sounds promising, even though the player is a piece of crap that never cooperates for those of us with dial-up.

And from Eisbrecher's site:
Ahoi. Eisbrecher have reached the finale hot phase of their topically record production. One and a half years after the successful publication from ANTIKOERPER with the stage hit VERGISSMEINNICHT their next strike will be called SUENDE:

The third Eisbrecher-Album will be released on 26th of August (in America – Germany 22nd of August). Until then the single - Kann denn Liebe Suende sein - (11th July, 2008 only Germany) will give an exititing foretaste to the upcoming album!

Alexx and Pix promise a sombre-coloured dance of dark-rocking ice-pearls to their fans: Album III will be the darkest and hardest album so far.

Unfortunately, no news on the upcoming Rammstein album yet.

On an slightly unrelated note, if you haven't checked out Richard's solo project "Emigrate", I advise you to do so. The instrumentals are very reminiscent of his work with Rammstein, and while he can't match Till as a singer, he certainly has his own interesting style.

9/26/07 01:57 am - olga_zoubkova - Ahahaha :) Got it through Rammstein's Newsletter :))


9/9/07 09:22 pm - vampire_ninja - Multiple Band Updates

Posted on Megaherz.com
New singer and drummer confirmed
August 18, 2007

The band line-up is complete again with a new singer and drummer! The new guy on the microphone is LEX. The new force on the drums is Jürgen Wiehler, a.k.a. Bam Bam.

With LEX, we had an excellent gig in Moscow. He joined us about half a year ago. We feel as comfortabel as we ever did before and we know that you will feel it in our new songs! Along with song writing and working in the studio we rehearse regularly and work with full speed on the new live set. The commitment within the band is incredible and you can feel how much power there is in these guys.

To be perfectly prepared for the recording studio we will play warm-up gigs before the release of the sixth album. The date of the first gig is already set (Nov. 10, 2007 - Ingolstadt, SPL Eventhalle). Upcoming dates will published on this site.

Everyone is willing and hot to play the first gig, so we can rock your socks off with old MHZ classics and some of the new songs.

The negotiations with the record label is nearing completion. Soon we can hopefully provide you with good news.

MEGAHERZ line up:
LEX - Vocals
X-TI - Guitar
WENZ - Bass
ROLAND - Guitar
BAM BAM - Drums

Be sure to check out the newly redesigned Megaherz.de site (including German, English, and Russian)!

At the top of the page, the header has pictures of the new band members. I'm not sure who's who, but I'm willing to bet that the Very Scary Angry Man in the center pic is Lex. Looks a bit like Alexx I say. Could be a good sign.

Waittaminute... Lex... Alexx... freaky.

As for Rammstein, Herzeleid.com has posted on the rumour of the band breaking up or Till being replaced by En Esch of KMFDM:

"Neither Till Lindemann nor another band member plans to leave Rammstein. The band is currently working on the next album and is in an excellent mood. As the greed for news is the actual doping in cycling, this 'news' is only serving those who spread the same. Though the world knows now that EnEsch has moved to Berlin, even the poor EnEsch was shocked by the outlook to have to step into Till Lindemanns footsteps. I hope he and the fans of the band will recover soon from this false report."

On ,Eisbrecher's site this post was made:

July 19, 2007

OK friends,

its more than time to fix some new dates in our calendar these days. We were diligent and not inactive in our small pause since Moscow and here we go and present our plan for the rest of the year 2007:

To the already known summer festivals, Amphi on next Saturday and the SummerBreeze on 17th of August in Dinkelsbuehl there is one more concert in August: On 20th of August we rock the Theatron in Munich Olympiapark. Free of charge and outdoors! And because one should not break with good traditions, we will perform once more together with A_Live_Divided! Some of You of course already knew!

Then, however, it goes straight to the studio, because at least we all want to be supplied with new song material...

Could this hint at a new album coming up soon? Eisbrecher's Wiki page says that they're preparing a new album for early 2008, but Wiki isn't the most reliable source. Once can hope, can't they?

I know they aren't part of the ROMES bands, but Subway to Sally's new album "Bastard" will be out on October 26 via Nuclear Blast. I bring this up because there are a lot of Subway to Sally fans in this group, myself included.


9/4/07 04:23 pm - iamamuhfjer - Eisbrecher

I've been into Rammstein for quite some time now but I recently discovered Eisbrecher. Does anyone know where I can get some of their songs or albums online?

7/31/07 10:11 pm - olga_zoubkova

Hey guys:)  now check THIS out!


i found it quite funny =D how bout you?

7/15/07 01:49 am - vampire_ninja

Posted on Herzeleid.com on May 21:

An official Rammstein newsletter has just been sent out and Pilgrim Management have confirmed that Rammstein are back from their vacation. However, the band will not be playing any shows this year because they are busy working on songs for the new album!

In the same newsletter, Pilgrim have also confirmed the release date for the first CD from Richard's solo project, Emigrate. The self-titled debut will be in stores on August 31, 2007. Be sure to check out Emigrate's website and subscribe to the newsletter, you'll be able to download a new Emigrate song for free!

So, not only do we get new Megaherz possibly this year, but new Rammstein as well? If not this year, then soon. And I would like to hear some of Richard's solo music thingie, too.
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