Hi everyone! I just joined and I had some questions I thought you guys could prolly answer better than anyone else! Im planning to go on a volunteer trip to Romania sometime next year (2009) after june. Ide be volunteering in the Transylvania region close to Miercurea Ciuc. Could anyone tell me about the weather, customs, language, people, etc? I just want to know what I can do to be prepared and to make the biggest difference. Im going to be working in an orphanage with very young children (0-15) so would it be best to try to learn as much romanian as possible? Anything you can think of that would help me is appreciated! Thanks so much!!!
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A special request...

While Romanian was not originally one of the languages I wanted to learn (I have a sort of crush on foreign languages, if truth be told), I know that some of my family came to America from Romania... However, I have never known any relatives that speak, or spoke, the language, and I believe that the closest of those to me that had, have sadly, long since passed away. And more sadly, the one woman that told me so much and yet, so little, about this part of my family... my grandmother, passed away this May 30th.

In truth, I feel ashamed that I had never thought before of what I thought now: that I could find a way to honor our roots, do something- make something out of what teeny tiny little knowledge I had (even if it was just dressing up in traditional clothing and introducing myself to her, or  wishing her a good day). I bet she would have loved it.

But I never thought of it, and it saddens me.

This November, there is going to be a family reunion, and as silly as it may seem to some, I would like to go and introduce myself to some of the extended family in the languages of our roots: Dutch, Italian, and Romanian.

So I was hoping that some of you might be able to help me?
I would like to keep it friendly, not as stiff as the formal greetings that you can find on some random translation website... Something for family, even if I haven't met them.

Any help at all? 

Thank you very much.

Accommodation - Living in Cluj, Sept-Dec


I will be living Cluj from September to December and I'm looking for any tips regarding finding accommodation. Are there any classified websites (similar to craigslist, perhaps) that might be able to help me? I've yet to find any, but also my knowledge of Romanian is astoundingly low. My current strategy involves bugging random internet people as well the people I will be working with, but I figured it might be worth searching on my own.

Also what are some good recommended weekend trips out of Cluj? Any recommendations for places to visit on the other side of the borders in Ukraine, Hungary and Serbia?


Nu vorbesc bine româneste.


I've been looking for something to watch on YouTube that I can learn some Romanian from - does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not picky when it comes to music nor do I really mind watching some sort of television program, or something.

If there's kid's stuff then that would be even better - I am about at their level, probably.

Thank you! ^________________^
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Weird question

I realise this is an odd question, but I need cottage cheese for a recipe. I bought branza de vaci, and it turned out to be cream cheese (which I thought was branza topita). Is there another name for cottage cheese, or does low-fat cottage cheese have another name?