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__roleplay's Journal

_ _ R O L E P L A Y
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Welcome to __roleplay. This is a Celebrity Roleplaying community. Its pretty straight forward from there. If you dont know what "role playing" is, you can contact me, geishagraffiti.

001. Incest/slash of any kind is permitted in the community. If you have a problem with either of those dont join. 002. You cant have no more than ONE character. That means no doubling up, I dont like it when one person plays more than one character, its weird so I decided everyone can have one character each. 003. NO blocking anyone on AIM! if you dont like them dont talk to them. If you do, I will tell you to unblock them and if you refused you will be banned and kicked out immediately. 004. Be Respectful! Respect me and the other members, if you fail to do so, guess what? You'll be kicked out and banned. 005: You MUST update at least once a week, if not you will be removed from the taken list and are no longer in the community. 006. NO OOC Drama!

You MUST 16 or older to apply. [there are exceptions, depends on my mood, most likely I'll accept you if you're 15] Apply using your personal journal. To apply, fill out the application below.

apply here with "rock & roll life" in the subject line.


If you want to affiliate, apply here. :)