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I am pretty much LOVE Rob Zombie.
My friend, Alex, and I were at Disney for my birthday(because we're lame and wanted to go. :D) and we decided to visit the House of Blues area. We go there, and there's a SHIT LOAD of people there.
We walk into the House of Blues store and what do we see on the tv?

Alex and I literally RUN out of the store. Her, hyperventilating and me.well, freaking out.
I've never been that freaked out over someone's show but I was.
And it was weird. We watched House of Corpses the night before and the whole car ride there(4 hours...) we were listening to Rob Zombie.

Alex and I go into Virgin Mobile(the store somewhat across from House of Blues) and ask if they're sold out.(We went to buy something there so thats why we asked...them) and we freaked out.

We had to miss Rob Zombie.
The DAY before my birthday.
how sucky was that?

Alex and I pretty much overdosed on that sugar stuff you can get in tubes?(I love that stuff) and uh...yeah those sugar things.

I hate my life.
Okay, not really.

How are you all doing?
Its been awhile....
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Hate Eternal

I dunno.....


Waah, the community is going dead.....

PEOPLE!!! Reccomend me some kick-ass black metal so I can DL it! I want more songs on my Ipod.

I think I am turning Satanic or something. COF has gotten into my head a lot lately. I dunno.....

Me bored.

Well, see ya.

- Kevin
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