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well i just joined...

i was bored and searching on lj, so i decided to join a community. give me something to do...

Love Spoken Softly

i am the whisper
the secrets the school girls tell eachother
silently, quietly
with their hands covering their mouths
slightly giggling as they speak.
i am the love letter he worte
ages ago
torn and tattered
once had meaning,
but now only waiting to be set aside
to be replaced by the new words of endearment.
i am the lies
the hush of the empty words the boys tell the girls to
get them in bed
the soft i love you's
the sweet kisses
i am the truth
the broken heart
shattered and reparied
all too many times
all too familiar of a feeling
i am the whisper
the secrets the school girls tell each other

xoxo jessica
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-American Idolism-
Idolize her
make an alter
fat girls sit and want to be
the next blonde haired Brittany.
Skinny girls wish they were them, so they could kill themselves.
Everyone wants to be her
Does she come with all the accessories?
Or did they forget to put a heart in another one?

All American
Girl next door
She’s a teenager
A self-conscious whore
Banging on the floor
Locked behind the door
Of a thousand tormented girls

all the ‘others’ run and hide
they cry at night
wishing, wanting, hoping to be
the brand new girl
on your tv
want to sing songs
act a plot
be on the cover of magazines
instead of sitting in their hells to rot
starving minds
bleeding arms
counting the clock
fame is so hard to watch when you want to be it
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hey. welcome to this awesome community!! yay!! just post whatever comes to mind, and don't be afraid. so, yeah. start postin'. toots <333
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