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When people say it’s okay, deep inside the regrets of the letters that are fake, they know it’s not.
And the words of those who said them, are lost upon the backend of forever.
why throw around apologies when its so easy to forgive and forget?
And you forgot me, so why should I forgive you?
These sing-a-longs are getting old, and im not quite sure I want to hold your hand.
With my heart on your fist, and the scars from getting put down cease to cascade when you find a new heart to break, will I forgive you?
I doubt it.
Why should I let you go on when im left on the floor alone?
And you apologize.
Repetition will work for awhile, until I get sick of those syllables, even immune.
And I am left holding the string that you tied from you to me, blunt knife in my hand.
Will I set you free, in other words, forgive?
Or let you die here alone, which was my fate until you forgot, and Im confused, and I don’t want to end up like you.
So instead of cutting the cord and letting me forgive, after you fucking left me here to die, and to die alone at that, I use the knife to end my own life.
Fuck the cord, I’d rather see my blood spilled than forgive you. And I did.
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