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i have a smile for every flower that darkened in a daze, the end is nearing each day. trees are withering, i can still feel their gaze. i walk so weary, treads of another long gone, the end is nearing each hour, and i feel so old. i feel so aged, and i know i cannot last another sunless day.
oh, it so hard to walk when the light is so faded, and i look to the sky for an answer. a cloud seems to be so lost, a single black whisp of a blood red day. but there is no light, the world has sinned, and the oceans are sighing, and their shores are sinking. and this place is so barren. i walk alone, like i always have. i cannot hold myself up, words weighing me down, but i cannot speak. i walk on water, 111 short of heaven, and i can't make it. the mountains are crumbling, their secrets with them. and i know, i feel, i cry, this is the end.
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