Greetings. I'm Scarlet. Yes, well hi. I'm as random as they come really. I live in England. I enjoy street arting with my crew and listening to the sweet sounds of various bands including; Tsunami Bomb, The Matches, My Chemical Romance and Howards Alias. Hi again.
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Send transmission from the one armed scissor.

Hello. My name is Mary. I have a big urge to rant and this community has the best name ever so yeah. Have you ever had a "friend" who turns out to be a complete jerk and is now one to you? Cause this just happened to me and I am very upset. Thank god at the drive in is here cause I love them and they make me a tad happier.
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just introdicing myself

ill make this a quickie.
xim annx
xim 15x
xhave felix the cat socks for you to rockx
xi love music, but listing bands will more than likely bore youx
xi love to write (thats why i joinedx
ill post a poem in a second.
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(no subject)

When people say it’s okay, deep inside the regrets of the letters that are fake, they know it’s not.
And the words of those who said them, are lost upon the backend of forever.
why throw around apologies when its so easy to forgive and forget?
And you forgot me, so why should I forgive you?
These sing-a-longs are getting old, and im not quite sure I want to hold your hand.
With my heart on your fist, and the scars from getting put down cease to cascade when you find a new heart to break, will I forgive you?
I doubt it.
Why should I let you go on when im left on the floor alone?
And you apologize.
Repetition will work for awhile, until I get sick of those syllables, even immune.
And I am left holding the string that you tied from you to me, blunt knife in my hand.
Will I set you free, in other words, forgive?
Or let you die here alone, which was my fate until you forgot, and Im confused, and I don’t want to end up like you.
So instead of cutting the cord and letting me forgive, after you fucking left me here to die, and to die alone at that, I use the knife to end my own life.
Fuck the cord, I’d rather see my blood spilled than forgive you. And I did.
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Brighter than the Last

Things aren't always what they seem
People don't always say what they really mean
One can look upto only the stars
Others can just rely on self mutilating scars
But the beauty behind it all, You can't always see
Sometimes people just need to be set free
You can't always keep a tight lock around your heart
That's why life is always falling apart
Why would you talk to those you can not trust
Why say you love the one that you only lust
Stop lying to yourself
Retire that knife from your shelf
Forget all the words others have said
Only you can choose who lays next to you on your bed
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(no subject)

this has been so hard for me
with torn and bloody knees
im not sure if this is right
walking by your house at night
and i stumble, god it's so dark
and i fall
making the bruies scream, and the scars wail
so i begin to crawl
and i make it to your window
and by the light of your tv
i see
oh god! i see
you with her, again
and it'd do not worth it
and i know, by morning
you'll now i was here
with blood left by my presence
and maybe you'll follow my tears home
but you'll never make it
and i will remain alone
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  • mlynar

the forecast calls for rain...

heres a poem, not one i worte but one from a book written by a guy in the band Who Killed Alex? i love this poem...

im sorry i never hurt you more than this
my door is shut and your lies will never make it out alive
and im sorry that i am disturbing
i just find sorrow interesting
im pinning over you and i really dont know why
bc i could never look at you
w/out wanting to bruise your pretty face
and watch you cry with mascara on my fist

...hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.
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(no subject)

i have a smile for every flower that darkened in a daze, the end is nearing each day. trees are withering, i can still feel their gaze. i walk so weary, treads of another long gone, the end is nearing each hour, and i feel so old. i feel so aged, and i know i cannot last another sunless day.
oh, it so hard to walk when the light is so faded, and i look to the sky for an answer. a cloud seems to be so lost, a single black whisp of a blood red day. but there is no light, the world has sinned, and the oceans are sighing, and their shores are sinking. and this place is so barren. i walk alone, like i always have. i cannot hold myself up, words weighing me down, but i cannot speak. i walk on water, 111 short of heaven, and i can't make it. the mountains are crumbling, their secrets with them. and i know, i feel, i cry, this is the end.
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