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__rock_music ~COMMUNITY~

*Everything That Rocks*
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to __rock_music
This community is for rock lovers
If you want news about all rock stars, come and join.

::Some of the community rules::

~ Don't call others bad names.

~ Only join if you like ROCK music... only!!=D

~ You can place banners for other music Related places in the community, but it have to be related to rock music and only rock music..

~ Don't make fun of people if they have different taste in music(not that they like spice girls or something.. but if they like different ROCK bands or something). Just don't comment to their entry. And please do not tell people that their favorite bands sucks, that's really rude.

~~~When you join the community please introduce yourself to us~~~

We're open for requests... so if you want a banner, icon, wallpaper, blend... request, give very detailed informations, and we will reply as fast as possible.


And don't forget to visit those great music communities:



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