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"Rictusempra" is a Harry Potter RPG, based on the books by J.K. Rowling. It takes place in the time of the marauders, at the beginning of year 5. It's not in real-time yet, real time will catch up to the RPG eventually (RPs tend to run a bit slow), we'll keep everything together in the community journal.


The head moderator is myself, liacoraginger, which means ya have to get on my good side ^^

My mini-mod is Bella's player, cvdramababie. She is my padowan.


Oh, joy. *waves flag* There aren't many, but please please follow them. It's all for your own good, you know.

1.) No original characters are allowed, yet. It just gets too confusing, and sometimes they might end up as Mary-Sues/Gary-Stues >_< eek! That is, unless you've proved your human worth and already have one canon character.

2.) Each character gets his/her own livejournal. Posts in these livejournals will be written in first person, just like you (hopefully) write in your own lj. Character livejournals must be updated at least once a week, unless a real-life event prohibits you from doing so. In this case, please contact a mod. That's me!

3.) Play nice, children. No unnecessary cursing. Don't just do it because you're feeling pissy. Now, if your character is someone like Bellatrix and you want to have her cursing off all the time... well that's understandable. But if you and another player have a fight or cannot get along, please try to solve it between yourselves. Don't hurt the RP. If things still don't work out, contact a mod and I'll try to do something helpful for once.

5.) No God-modding. If you want another character to do something, ask the player and get permission. Preferably tell us all that you have permission, too!

6.) This is mostly a livejournal RP. AIM conversations are allowed, and probably very useful for interaction between main characters. All AIM posts should be posted in rictusempralog in an lj-cut with a small description of the convo above. It is not mandatory, though, to RP over any instant messaging system. For those back-and-forth exchanges and important meetings, there is a RolePlaying journal for this purpose alone: __rictumseprarp. Be sure all posts in there are in THIRD PERSON.

7.) Your character's journal is your character's journal. All out of character posts should be in __rictusempra itself. You are also encouraged to comment in other characters' journals, but as your character. Without exception, all out of character posts go in __rictusempra.
** And all in-character, third-person posts go in __rictumseprarp.

8.) If you're going to introduce an animal/creature or magical object (things like time turners, maps, potions, vampires, unforgivable curses, etc.) into your post, please inform a moderator first so that we can approve. Somethings can drastically change the direction of the game, so please don't just post it. Things like minor spells and common creatures don't need to be reported. If you're unsure what needs to be informed of, don't hesitate to ask.

9.) One character per person for newbies. Choose carefully. CONSTANT VIGILANCE... or not. If you prove your human worth, I will allow you to take on more chars.

Relationships, Plotlines

Any form of relationship is fine, including slash. You know how things went, so keep things canon. (Lily will eventually get with James; Narcissa with Lucius) However, if your character is not mentioned in canon as being with anyone, you're free to get into whatever relationship you please. Remember to make sure that it's okay with the person playing that other character. If they refuse, then there's really nothing you can do about it.

As for plotlines, we haven't really started, so any wild ideas are open... but to begin, we'll be doing simple "day in the life of" sort of thing. Remus forgets to do his potions homework and starts going ballistic, etc.

How to join...

First, check to see if the character you want is still available. If they are, send an email to ivorycarlyle@aol.com with "Rictusempra RPG" as the subject.

Any other e-mail, such as questions or comments or... anything, really, goes to my regular e-mail: liacoraginger@yahoo.com

Please include the following in your application:

Your name (or Internet nickname):
LJ Username (yours):
E-mail Address:
Past RP Experience (if any):
Year and House:
Sample LJ Entry*:

~~ Also, if you have any plot ideas or pairings for your character that you would like to tell me about, do so in the application.

* this means a sample journal entry from your character's perspective. What would James write in his journal? How did Peter's day go? that sort of thing. If you are applying for a second character and you're pressed for time, this isn't necessary.

Once you've sent the application, click on the 'join' link at the top of this page and you'll hear back from me in a day, or maybe shorter if you're lucky ~.^ And once I say you're in, e-mail me back with the username for your character's journal.

Availiable Characters

After I approve you, you will be one of these characters! Yay! ^^
It will mostly be first-come first-serve, however if two people send their applications in before I check my e-mail (like, I open Yahoo! and I have 2 apps for the same character), I'll base the decision off the quality of the characterization.

James Potter - prongsie_ (acceptance) 5th year in Crimson and Gold Lions =) [Gryffindor]
Sirius Black - _doggie_bag_ (JJ) 5th year Gryffindor
Remus Lupin - _remus_lupin (echelon_karen) 5th year Gryffindor *PREFECT*
Peter Pettigrew - wormlike_tail (silverlupin) 5th year Gryffindor
Lily Evans - lily___evans (bre_horses) 5th year Gryffindor *PREFECT*
Bellatrix Lestrange Black - fireybombshell (cvdramababie) 5th year Slytherin
Rodoplphus Lestrange - le__stranger (Will) 7th year Slytherin
Antonin Dolohov - deplorable_line (Emily) 7th year Slytherin
Severus Snape - lordofthepotion (thewiseneophyte) 5th year Slytherin
Regulus Black - king_black (ericaamericka) 4th Slytherin
Kingsley Shacklebolt -
Caradoc Dearborn -
Mundungus Fletcher -
Gideon Prewitt -
Fabian Prewitt -
Marlene McKinnon - marley_mck (xwhorexchildx)
Alice Longbottom Tambor - tamborine_dance (liacoraginger) 6th year Gryffindor *PREFECT*
Frank Longbottom - frankenheadboy (thenewpianoman) 7th year Gryffindor *HEAD BOY*
Evan Rosier - transluminous (Malek) 6th year Slytherin
Andromeda Black - blood__traitor (ashe_romeo)
Dorcas Meadowes - _dorcas_m (bruisedxbr0ken)
Bertha Jorkins - spacy_bertha (onlyobsess) 7yh year Hufflepuff
Dedalus Diggle -
Sturgis Podmore -
Benjy Fenwick -
Edgar Bones -
Hestia Jones - goddess_hestia (damianarose) 5th year Gryffindor
Sybil Trelawney -
Mabhe Lovegood NilBraugh - thenobbitmab (Hilary) 3rd year Hufflepuff (Hugglepuff! ^^)

Narcissa Malfoy Black - perfectlyblack (radioburn) *PREFECT* 6th year Slytherin
Lucius Malfoy -
Theodore Lovegood (Luna's dad) -
Arthur Weasley -
Molly Weasley -
Walden Macnair -
Augustus Rookwood -
Barty Crouch Jr. -
Igor Karkaroff -
Rabastan Lestrange -
Minerva McGonagall -
? Avery -
? Goyle -
? Crabbe -
? Nott -

Albus Dumbledore - theliftedlorax (liacoraginger)
Lord Voldemort -
Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody -
Aberforth Dumbledore -
Rubeus Hagrid -
Ted Tonks -


That's a long list! Almost anyone that was mentioned ever! Basically, you can choose how old you want them to be as well... but we know some things, like Molly's out of school when Remus is in school so she can't be there... but they can still have LJs! Yay! (I kind of grouped them by age... o_O)

If you have a question as to who any of these people are, or how they are related to our dear marauders, feel free to e-mail me or just check The Lexicon, which is where I get my info from anyway.

Also, some of the women like Molly and Alice aren't married yet (Molly could be) so you have to make up last names for them (I'm Alice, so I said her last name was Tambor). But some others, like Narcissa and Bellatrix, already have maiden names... ah, whatever. Why am I telling you this? Sign up!!!

BTW, my name is Ammie and my e-mail (should you need me) is liacoraginger@yahoo.com


OH WAIT! there's more!

As the school gets set up, we will decide on who's teaching what, etc. Just to keep things organized, I'll add a lovely little chart: (also, if you want to be a teacher at Hogwarts, this is the only OCs and second chars I'll allow for now - teachers would be great!!)

Headmaster - Albus Dumbledore
Deputy Headmaster/mistress - Professor McGonagall trans_filos (JJ)

Transfiguration - Professor Minerva McGonagall trans_filos (JJ)
Potions - Professor Henbane red_henbane (someone o_O)
Charms - Professor Flitwick
History of Magic - Professor Binns
Divination - Professor Lorelei Lovegood *note: Luna's aunt, not mother* leimuffkin (liacoraginger)
Care of Magical Creatures - Professor Kettleburn
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Professor Evan Ramsey logic_puzzle (Malek)
Muggle Studies - Professor Crispina Leila musicsunset (Hilary)
Ancient Runes - Professor Kensington
Arithmancy -
Herbology - Professor Ana Rose ana_rose1975 (cvdramababie)
Astronomy - Professor Sinistra (Hailey)
Flying - Madame Hooch

Librarian - Irma Pince
Nurse - Madame Pomfrey m_pomfrey (bruisedxbr0ken)
Keeper of the Keys and Grounds - Hagrid
Caretaker - Argus Filch

**UPDATE** - I was accidentally thinking in a different timeline... I thought Hogwarts was older than it was. I apologize. The teacher changes have been made to reflect who was most likely there. About Professor Vector, the Arithmancy teacher - anyone who's read the fanfic "By the Numbers" would know why I don't think she should be the teacher yet. Although my vision of Harry Potter doesn't really coincide with "By the Numbers" at all, I can't help seeing Professor Vector as the clumsy, sweet Anna Vector. ****

As pointed out by the Lexicon, there should be an even balance between male and female teachers....

9 male / 8 female

"(I)n fact, if you look at the Hogwarts' staff - I had this discussion with someone the other day - it is exactly 50/50. Although it is true that you do have a headmaster as opposed to a headmistress, but that has not always been the case. As you will find out, there have been equal numbers of headmistresses." - J.K. Rowling, in an interview (taken from the Lexicon)

Goodbye again!

Oh for a little disclaimer - much of the stuff, the rules and form and list of characters and whatnot, was based on two RPGs I have been a part of - one, essentially dead, and the other has moved. But their lovely info pages are still there, and they helped me greatly in forming this exhaustive info page! Let's give it up for sweetsweetsamba and _diagonalley!!!