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The Tickling Curse [entries|friends|calendar]
Rictusempra: a Marauders RPG (Harry Potter)

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Okay [14 Jan 2006|05:23pm]

Okay since this place has been very dead and I'm figuring it's over until Peter, Dorcas and I can revive it I'd like to mentions http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=impero_ooc
I juts joined and it rocks! They have a lot of characters left if you'd like to join up they still have Dorcas, but none and the mains. So check it out it's alive and well over there.

Re vive [12 Jan 2006|04:02pm]

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Hello! [31 Dec 2005|10:32am]

(out of character ) Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't been around I totally lost my computer for a while and didn't see anyone posting on my friends page so I wasn't quite sure what was going on! I am totally still interested and Please don't kick me out for being a little stupid :) What's been going on? Anything I need to be informed of????)

Bella! How was your summer, we're still friends right? I missed you!
Snape- I still need help in potions I am failing like normal
Lily and Alice- Missed you both this summer!
Sirius, James, Peter and Remus- Hope you guys didn't cause too much trouble this summer!
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A new begining, a new name [06 Jul 2005|10:02am]

Sorry to do this, but I've changed my Live Journal username. I will now be useing shadow_caller. Just thought I would let everyone know. So please accept shadow_caller when I join or add you under that name. Thank you! Love ya everybody!
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[10 Jun 2005|10:37am]

Hey everyone! Can't remember if I posted about this before, but my computer died so I haven't been online in about 2 or 3 weeks :s I'm at school right now and I thought I'd post, just to let you know that I haven't lost interest on the community or anything!!! I'm most likely getting my computer fixed this week, so then I'll start posting again and such ;)

See ya everyone!

(x-posted to the Greatest Journal)

[30 May 2005|01:31pm]

[ mood | blah ]

There is nothing to see here, but I'd like to let you know that they exist oO.

Rictusempra OOC
Rictusempra RP
Rictusempra Staff Room
Rictusempra Log

now toddle off and make character journals. Either comment here with the new name (try for the old one, first, to make my life easier) or e-mail me. Ta.

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it's your loving Modly being [28 May 2005|06:58pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I have e-mailed everyone who did not reply. If your e-mail address does not work.... I'm sorry, but you're gone.

Also. Because our school has banned Livejournal but NOT GreatestJournal, and quite a good chunk of our members go to school at Randolph (and also, that is my only connection to the Internet besides my Dad's house as of now...).... What do you think of picking up and moving to Greatestjournal? You could probably have the same names. It's a smaller community, but as it is an offshoot of LJ, it has almost the exact same format (the old formet, actually... but it's essentially the same). Even all the LJ tags are still LJ not GJ or something.... what do you say?


Check it out. Otherwise... I dunno how we'll live.

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[15 May 2005|06:20pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I hate to do this, but I'd like to clean up this RP and tighten our group. There's a lot of people who hardly even seem to make an effort to be here. I know Prongs's player lives in Australia... and because of that, you may want to rethink your membership? For that is essentially what this post is about.

If you'd like to remain in this RP, leave a comment and say so. If you want to leave, say so as well.

If I don't hear from you after a week or two, I'll e-mail you and question your dedication.

If you want to stay in, but you just have a lot ging on right now, that's okay, just leave a note and say so. I know JJ and Dan were having some computer troubles, and Matt's been doing college stuff. Just let me know.

And please read the all-important "Moderator Returns!" post down there... lots of housecleaning and shit.

The Logging Comm; rictusempra_log

^_^ haaaaave fun!

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[12 May 2005|12:47pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Hey everyone! I won the bet! TAKE THAT FRANK-MUN AHAHAHAHA! Oooookay. I would have been back sooner, but my mom has been a real bitch about the computer lately. I'm going to be doing most of my RPing and such on the school computer... lucky for me, my characters aren't exactly prominent in pushing the storyline forward ^_^

Okay. I'm keeping Bella-mun on as a Junior Moderator because she did such a great job *huggles*. YAY BELLA'S PLAYER!!!

And yes, the werewolf things was cleared by me. We discussed this online.

Two new things.

FIRST; I am making a Rictusempra log community (will post the exact name later when I make it). This will be for AIM rps. My recent experience with a primarily AIM-based GJ RPG showed me that AIM rping is actually very useful, and nice because it's easier for the players to talk to each other during the RP (by putting their OOC comments in brackets, much the same as we do in the journals except without the annoying OOC: thing.)

To make things easier, I will link to the directions in that GJ RPG (boys_log)... ignore the part about Character IMs, those are silly and we haven't even done them yet. Also, if you like, you may go read some of the posts in the boys_log community, so as to get an idea of how it's formatted. BE WARNED: B.O.Y.S. is full of yaoi, slash, or homosexuality (whatever you call it)... watch the ratings. That's why they're there.

SECOND; I am opening up the number of permitted characters. If you'll notice, I have three, and some people have two (one is teacher). However, I'm opening it up so that everyone (everyone who's been here already, not new people entering) can have three characters. It doesn't matter if some are teachers or not. ALSO, if you have two canon characters (or there are none left), you are free to make up an original character. However, most of the canon characters left are pretty much nothing more than a name, so... yeah.

^_^ if you want to take up more characters (please do!), I'd still like an official form so I can keep everything on record. Also, would someone be willing to set up an AIM/YIM/MSN messenger list to be continually updated and reposted as necessary? That would take an enormus weight off my shoulders. I'd suggest someone with knowledge of HTML, as a table would be mightily useful in a situation like that.

And that's all! I still have some control over Frank's character, as Matt is busy-busy-busy with college stuff. He's going to college next year... *gets all sad* No sadness! HAPPINESS! HAPPINESS!

Props to Dan and JJ's new computer... and I have one last thing to say: "I should've gotten a niffler!"

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[12 May 2005|07:57pm]

[ mood | w00t ]


If anyone wants to know about Sirius's disownment from the Black family, go read the October 31st breakfast entry!!! Everyone should read it, considering he got a Howler.

Oks I'm done ;)


[11 May 2005|04:47pm]

[ mood | evil ]

Guess who has a new computer?!!?!?!?!?!


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[10 May 2005|08:21pm]

Unless anyone has any objections, I'm just going to say that Severus has been sick and in the hospital for the entire period of his absence.
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[10 May 2005|07:43pm]

Thought you'd all like to see the little Drawling Sevey Made for me. We had an out of character rp on AIM and well........I stole his clothing and gave him mine. So here is the end result.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
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[03 May 2005|09:44pm]

Hey people... I'm really worried about the OotP meeting thing. In fact that's why I haven't posted in Dorcas' journal, because I think the meeting is too important to the plot to just ignore it... should we just pretend it happened and that the group will start having special preparation etc etc???
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[29 Apr 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

*scratches head nervously*

Miss me?

Long time no see. Sorry I haven't updated in...*checks last entry* forever.

The reasons are long and varied [including (but not limited to): a car accident, sickness, a term paper, boymeetsboy.keenspace.com, starting my own compic and sleep deprivation]. Anyway, I'm sorry that I haven't updated, but I hope to be able to update frequently this summer (finals are in two weeks!!). Barring of course, more computer trouble (I'm sure you've heard about it from JJ).

Severus will return!!!!! *cackles evilly*

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[22 Apr 2005|08:38pm]

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm alive lol, but I haven't posted because I don't really want to post before having one final decision on the "big meeting"... what should we do about that, by the way? :s

Well, have a good day everyone!


[18 Apr 2005|02:24pm]

Attension! Anyone who loves Orlando Bloom as much as I do, had been dieing to claim at least some part of him! Now you can! at lando_claims Just join, and start on claiming!

[13 Apr 2005|09:08am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey hey all!

I'll be gone for like... The next five days. I'll still be able to check up, here and there, and thats about it. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to post some.

See you all fully on Monday, if there is anyone still around o.O;;


[09 Apr 2005|10:08am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Everytime I tell you guys that I'll be online, something happens... ^^; Well, I've been sick, and don't have internet access, so, yeah. I'm at Mab's house, and I'll try to post again soon!

I love and miss you all!!!


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[07 Apr 2005|10:20pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Dear Hogwarts staff and students and Rictusemprians and such,

I swear I am not a betting man, but here's to bets with The Boyfriend (who is Frank's player by the way), because they involve dinner and I get food either way.

And besides, it's about something I have control over. Really.

I was bet that I couldn't spend one whole month without Livejournal. Ha! Of course I could. Of course. *shifty glances*

Okay, so I guess the bottom line is - see you all in May. I love you all, but a bet's a bet.


You are not alone. I am leaving the RPG in the VERY capable hands of Bellatrix's player, who's name quite escapes me at the moment. Oh dear, but I am very sorry.

So... all administrative e-mails from now on will be forwarded to her at: CVDramaBabie@aol.com. You could send them directly to her - but I'd really like to keep myself appraised of what's going on, so I'm not totally alien to my own community when I return in May!

Okay, so plotlines. Things seem kinda dead, let me remind you what's coming up (in a very short time XD!!!)

1. Sirius's birthday / Halloween! That's October 31st - AKA REALLY REALLY SOON!!!! So everyone start planning, ... okay, if you want, you can have Halloween without me ^^ hehehe.

2. Hogsmeade weekend is just TWO WEEKS AFTER THAT!!! Is everyone's date solidfied? What kind of evil plans can be carried out? Muhahaha-ness! Okay, a bit hyper there.

3. And after that it's time to plan for CHRISTMAS already! It's never too early! And there's that funkified Death Eater's Ball that the mummies and daddies are forcing The Youth to attend... oOoOo pretty devious if you ask me.

4. ...okay, there is no four. This much should keep you all busy! Yeay!

And remember - there are teachers as well! Make sure those who are playing teachers do play them sometime XD I haven't heard from Prof. Henbane in a while.... (it's ok Dan, I know you and JJ have been having computer problems) make sure all you teacher people make use of the Staff Room!!! __rictusemprasr that's the comm. for it.

Another thing. Somewhere along there is a list of AIM and YIM screennames.... you can roleplay online too. Speaking of... I'll be online pratically ALL THE TIME because of the LJ lackage... and I can RP online totally ^^ so if you catch me there, I can still be a part of this! YAYNESS!!!

Okay, so I'm really tired now and this was long. I hope you guys are all sad to see me go but TOTALLY EXCTED because of Sirius's birthday and all that.


Oh yeah, my screen name. I'm always on as: Siren Loire. That is me. Hehehe. So... ciao ~.^ until May, then.

~Ammie, the lovely mod.


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