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here are the main rules for this community.
1. Keep it clean.
2. rps do not have to follow episodes, but no EXTREME changes. ex.Spinner died today.
3. have fun.
4.roles for rp are first come, first serve
to apply for this community, you must fill out a simple survey.
I'll fill it out as an example.
*name- Jenna
*age- 17
*sex- F
*describe yourself in 3 words- really really dorky
*favorite band(s)- to name a few. NFG, Brand New, GC, Simple Plan, Blink-182, 12Stones, Yellowcard, Sum41.
*if applying for rp, which character- Robbie McGrath from RFR
*favorite RFR character- Robbie
*favorite Degrassi character- Ellie
*post a pic of ANYTHING -
*anything else you want to share- nope

--ok we already have an Ashley Kerwin in mind

***happy posting***
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