its the new cut fashion.

who says human cartilage isn't a statement?

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-- __retroxbarbie IS a rating community; so be ready to get bashed.
-- its a MUST BE toe be Fourteen; otherwise its annoying.
-- both guys and girls are welcomed.
-- be respectfull to EVERYONE; especally your MODS, otherwise we will ban your ass.
-- put your application under a lj-cut! otherwise you will have to deal with my shit.
-- you have 48 hours from joining the community to put up an application; otherwise i will kick you out.
-- if someone asks you to 'sway me' you better get to it; otherwise its annoying sdhgbjabdhskaj.
-- to ensure you have read the rules, place im a motherfucking retro barbie on the subject line.
-- you can only put up a post or comment on other entries if you are a member; otherwise i will kick your ass out of my community.
-- rejected applicants may apply up to TWO TIMES; than they will be banned from the community.

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-- when voting you MUST give an explanation on why you voted the way you did; a simple yes or no doesnt work.
-- be harsh, this IS a rating community; you worked hard to get in, no one should get in easy.
-- promotional and stamping banners are more then welcomed.
-- PROMOTING OF OTHER COMMUNITIES IS NOT ALLOUD; unless okayed by Ali or Theresa.
-- make sure ALL posts are friends only.
-- be active, promote, & most of all HAVE FUN

Accepted/Rejected Members.

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_____________tv +10
___mawrr +20
_red_shadow_ +10
_singmydarling +80
_tearsofpoison_ +50
1800_nightlife +50
anemic_pulse +70
angelange88 +20
fallinstarx +20
flyflyplass +10
im_a_rockstarx3 +10
its_like_wow +30
jealousy___ +45
moreamused +20
sugarbabi4421 +10

text only posts; 5 points
post with pics; 10 points
promos; 1 point each, with links included
theme; 15 points
scavenger hunt; 15 points
chalange winner; 30 points
photography winner; 30 points
banners; 40 points
referring someone [they must post an application]; 5 points

♥♥ prize for the member with the most points at the end of each month is becoming the member of the month for the following month!
♥♥auto accept/auto reject coupons will be awarded to members with 300 points. these coupons can be used during voting, and will either automatically accept that member or automatically reject that member.

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SHOES it speaks for itself; just explain it.

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1. a scarf[s]
2. a pile of books
3. strawberry short cake
4. photography at its finest
5. a ipod
6. ticket stubs
7. pop corn
8. shoes
9. shot glass[es]
10. something you love more than anything

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-- every week or so there will be a new Photo Competition, with differt catagories. whoever is chosen to have the best picture of that week will get +30 points. the other members will vote on who THEY think took the best picture that week.

This weeks theme; random objects - your choice

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-- if you think you are more 'spiffy' than another member you are welcome to chalange them. the other members will vote on who THEY think the more 'spiffy' one is. chalanges ARE NOT based only on looks!!! [personality and such should also be looked at] the loser WILL NOT be kicked out of this community. bollow is what the winner/loser gets.

♥♥ the winner gets +30 points.
♥♥ the loser has to promote in 5 journals.

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(wanna be a sister community to us? just leave a post, or comment in my personal journal __xbrokenstar)