Kyrie (laifan) wrote in __requestdesign,

Requesting header

1. Type of graphic (Friends Only, Colorbar, Icon, etc): I would like a header please
2. Text (what you want written on the image): Hitsuzen
3. Do you want an effect on your text? neon (outside)
4. Where do you want the text located on the image?: on the upper right corner
5. Color(s) of text: the inside white and outside pink (the same shade of pink as the one that the image has in some places)
6. Font style (look through microsoft word for font styles):</table> Monotype Corsiva
7. Picture(s):
8. Would you like a border? If so, describe:
9. Other (be specific to get what you want):

Link to where you promoted: My journal profile (at the end)


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