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1. Type of graphic (Friends Only, Colorbar, Icon, etc): Icon
2. Text (what you want written on the image):LOVE
3. Do you want an effect on your text? I want it basically exactly like the icon im using at the moment, or similar, i want it to fade in and out and be translucent.
4. Where do you want the text located on the image?: bottom, not to cover their faces
5. Color(s) of text:white translucnet, or i guess mabye if you want to put another color if you think it will look good im fine with that.
6. Font style (look through microsoft word for font styles):Tahoma bold</table>
7. Picture(s):http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y294/emmyniem/normal_hbam20285229.jpg
8. Would you like a border? If so, describe:nope
9. Other (be specific to get what you want):im not picky

Link to where you promoted: http://emmyniem.livejournal.com/profile


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