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Pride and Prejudice (1980) pt 3 of 25

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Jane's bedroom. Jane lounges on the bed wearing a frilly nonsexy nightcap and a nonsexy nightgown, while Bets has let her hair down and is sporting a sexy, if probably wrong period, corset. I mean, the sort of dresses Elizabeth wears in this movie have high waists and décolletage(s?), so there's really no need for her to wear a waist-reducing corset at all. Long corsets were to promote good posture. I can't tell from the video if Bets is squeezing her in the middle or not.

Anyway, Jane gushing "Such ease ... such manners ... such perfect breeding!" I don't think that the Jaw is capable of breeding, what with his robot heritage. Oh, she's talking about Angry Sean Austin. The way he got her punch! The dances he danced some of the time with her! The angry words he angrily spat at the Jaw! Such perfect party-going!

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Dickensean principles

Pride and Prejudice (1980) pt 2 of 25

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Dude (it's Bingley, but you don't get a super-good look at him) goes trotting down the highway to visit the Bennets. The Bennet girls, all of them, crowd to the window to get a peak at him. Lydia sneers that he would only be somebody if he were an officer. Jane shoos them away. Only she and Bets can oogle the new-comer! Beauty before age!

They watch through an upper window as he gets off his horse and walks indoors. He's wearing a blue coat. "I like him. He appears intelligent and serious!" Jane says, managing to (a) use two words that I would never use to describe Bingley and (b) decide this from the way he gets off his horse. "Looks are not everything!" she babbles on. "Character is more. And accomplishment, of course." It sounds like she's trying to talk herself into marrying a plain, yet rich man. Did somebody switch Jane and Charlotte's brains?

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your point?

Pride and Prejudice (1980) pt 1 of 25

Pride and Prejudice (1980)

I've wanted to write this for a while, but - nobody has seen this version! It's rather hard to find in a video store, for reasons that I'm sure have nothing to do with its quality. Then I found out it's on Youtube. In annoyingly short segments, of course, but bear with me. I thought, as an experiment, I would cover one segment at a time. Tell me what you think!

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