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Les Miserables, part 2

sporkgoddess's comments and finals week has inspired me to finish this recap. God-awful movies make me happy!

So, Uma Thurman has just fainted. "Wooter! Wooter!" JV snaps. Faster, dammit, or she'll dry to death!

JV's humble hut. Fantine is sleeping on the couch, and the doctor is audibly pessimistic. "I DOUBT SHE'LL SURVIVE. BETTER SUMMON HER DAUGHTER SO SHE DOESN'T LOSE THE WILL TO LIVE. OOPS, I HOPE SHE DIDN'T HEAR ME GOODNIGHT." The doctor prescribes TLC and a butload of nurses. Amazingly, there are no nurses in town willing to get up in the middle of the night to care for a sick person. Yes, I know, it's hard to believe how awesome their union is. JV is forced to play nurse.

JV takes a bowl of water and some linens to her bed. These scenes always remind me of "Teacher's Pet," an old romantic comedy, when Clark Gable is supposed to put a drunk friend to bed and doesn't really know what to do, so he takes off his pants. I mean, really, what should you do? Strip a stranger so they'll be comfortable? Because the discomfort of sleeping in your clothes for a few hours is decidedly less than waking up naked in a stranger's bed. JV finally decides he'd better take off her corset, presumably because it's still soaked with melted snow, or perhaps so she can breathe. Collapse )