December 23rd, 2005

your point?

X-Men Recap 2

I meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot that I was home, where the Internet cuts off at 9 o'clock. And now for something completely different: It was Quentin! With a strap-on!

Points to whoever knows what I'm talking about. No, it's not a kinky version of Clue--no, wait. Actually, it is.

Anyway, the recap:

“What are you looking for, Airrrric?” Patrick Stewart asks Wolverine’s x-rays. Chaaahles is bothered by Wolverine’s lack of extraordinary powers. After all, what’s so special about extendable brass knuckles? Cyclops and Chaaahles banter. The door opens and Wolverine and Storm rush in. Okay, are Storm, Cyclops, and Dr. Jean Grey the entirety of Chaaahles’s fabulous X-Men? And while we’re on it, the Brotherhood of Mutants really just consists of Toad, Sabertooth, Mystique, and Magneto, doesn’t it? Some secret organization these are. Wolverine demands to know where “she” is. Cyclops doesn’t know who he means, but Chaahles immediately declares, “Rogue.” A moment later, “She’s gone.” Psychics are useful to have around.Collapse )
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